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What is the Retroist Podcast?

I started the Retroist Podcast to be an audio source for people who want to learn a little bit more about a specific topic. So in each show you will find nothing but that specific topic.

What is the format for the Retroist Podcast?

I do not use a script when I record shows. Instead I try and read a lot about a subject before launching into it. When I did use a script in the past, it came off very mechanical. Because I use this method of recording, I will often finish a show and find it useless. Either I will rerecord it immediately or move it to the backburner. I have recorded over 100 episodes of the show that I cannot release, but I am working on getting them redone.

I mention this because people ask questions about the frequency of the show. This is usually why the show has long breaks between releases. The more recent “season” of the show have seen fewer episodes because I am frequently unhappy with the results. Having done the show for so long I am a lot more relaxed about not putting out an episode I am not proud of.

What about your stories at the start of the podcast?

At the start of every episode I try and set the tone by talking about how I still relate to that topic. This to me is actually the root of nostalgia. It is not just because something is “old” that triggers nostalgia. It is your ability to relate to that topic with personal feelings. So don’t be sad if just by listening you don’t feel the tug of emotion that is nostalgia. Instead try these topics out and make some memories around them. Then revisit them in a couple of years.

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