Advanced Dungeons & Dragons Pronunciations

Have you ever wondered how to pronounce words used in Dungeons & Dragons? I tended to butcher the words until I found this wonderful pronunciation guide from 1985. It covers most of the more difficult words used in 1st edition AD&D

Mihstu Dungeons & Dragons Monster Card

Dungeons & Dragons Monster Cards – Mihstu

The mysterious underutilized Mihstu was a monster that peaked during Dungeons & Dragons 1st edition. It is an interesting creature with a twisting origin, so lets take a look at the Monster Card for the Mihstu and see what we can learn.

Dungeons & Dragons Monster Card – Lizard Man

The Lizard Man in Dungeons & Dragons is a monster we all fight and unsurprising it hasn’t changed much from its origin in 1975 through its appearance on this Monster Card by Jim Roslof.

Dungeons & Dragons Monster Cards – Kobold

Kobolds are in the DNA of Dungeons & Dragons. So let’s take a look at the art for his ever-evolving monster, starting with the Jim Roslof Monster Card and moving onto its appearances in the 1st edition Monster Manual and 2nd edition Monstrous Manual.

Dungeons & Dragons Monster Cards – Grippli

The Grippli are a race of humanoid frog-like creatures that could make interesting allies to a party. That is, if they can overcome the grippli’s monstrous appearance, as captured by Erol Otus, on this AD&D Monster Card.