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James Brolin and Catherine Bach in “White Water Rebels”

Super Simon is like Simon, Only Super

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Walt Disney Treasures: Zorro – The Complete First and Second Season

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DEVO Announces Classic Album Re-Issues and Groundbreaking Tour

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Proof that Monster Pops Existed!

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Ads that promise they can teach you how to Hypnotize People

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Colecovision USB Multi-Cart

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On a Very Special Episode of Mr. Belvedere – Wesley get Molested in “The Counselor”

The Mr Belvedere Theme Song in its Many Wondrous Forms

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The Retroist on G4TV – Cyclon Love Songs is #1 on “Around the Net”

Cylon Love Songs – “I Can’t Smile without You”

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What is an “Oily Variety Bohunk”?

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Gremlins the Board Game

Does Wile E. Coyote Ever Catch the Roadrunner?

“Weird Al” Yankovic Performs “Dare To Be Stupid”

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Video Game Console Logo Gallery

Heinz Ketchup in a Funhouse

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The Datsun 10th Anniversary 280ZX Black Gold

Proof of the “Too Close for Comfort” Monroe Rape Episode

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Pepsi Throwback Hits Store Shelves and my Belly

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“Stop the Madness” Confuses and Amuses. Stops Nothing.

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Disneyland’s House of the Future

Five Greatest Children’s Books of the 1970s

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The Forever Bulb by Diolight

All Aboard the USA Cartoon Express

Donald Duck Family Tree

1982 ColecoVision Catalog

Underappreciated DEVO: Smooth Noodle Maps’ Pink Jazz Trancers

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The 1986 Saturday Morning Lineup on NBC

Lucky Charms’ Fun Facts and Commercials

DEVO on the Classic 80’s Sitcom Square Pegs

Everyone loves The Popples

Complete Set of Opening Credits to the Marvel Cartoons of the 1960s with Lyrics

Nightline Has a Serious Discussion About Return of the Jedi in 1983

Telezonia (1974)

Behind the Candy – An Interview with Russ Sifers of VALOMILK

Cocoa Krispies Cereal is the King of the Spokes-Character

What is an Atari Democrat??

Real Sugar-based “Pepsi Throwback” Poised to Hit US Shelves

Sword and Sorcery Television in 1983? Wizards and Warriors

More on the 1978 DEVO Appearance on Saturday Night Live

Mama Malone…We Hardly Knew Ye

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