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Toys of the 1979 JCPenney Christmas Catalog

Remaking the Famous Non-Alcoholic Orange Whip

“I’m Too Sexy” by Right Said Fred gets used in a commercial

Retroist Die Hard Podcast

MC Hammer and the Addams Groove

The Adventures of Buckaroo Banzai Text Adventure by Scott Adams

The Terrible Touchscreen Interface in Die Hard

The X-Files Promo that speculated that Santa was an Alien

Retroist Mr. Mom Podcast

The Music of The Monroes

Pac-Man and Sunbeam Bread

The History of the McRib

Retroist Diff’rent Strokes Podcast

Watching Old News Online

Halloween 1983 in New Jersey

Retroist Halloween III: Season of the Witch Podcast

Retroist Teen Witch Podcast

Retroist Freddy’s Nightmares Podcast

WOR-TV’s Fright Night

Retroist Fright Night Podcast

Pepsi and Doritos Monster Match Contest

How to dress like Marty McFly

Retro Recipe Golden Grahams

Panasonic Sky-Lite Microwave Oven

Nasta Hit Stix

Butter your Corn the WarGames Way

What Computer Game is Magnum PI Playing?

Beefsteak Charlie’s

Soundtracks to 80s Movies that Never Existed by Computronic

Pizza Flavor Catsup

Intensely Silly Jeno’s Frozen Pizza Advertising from Stan Freburg

Disney Sing Along Songs – Disneyland Fun

Coca-Cola “Star Snacks” (1979)

Nerf Turbo Screamer Football

Get a Pop Music Education from Crap from the Past

Walt Disney Mini Classics on VHS

Supermarket Sweep

Was this scene from TRON too “sexy” for audiences?

Charles and Ray Eames’ “Powers of Ten”

A Nightmare On Elm Street 5 VHS Screener Intro

George Lucas talks Star Wars Prequels in 1992

Cult TV Show “Werewolf” finally getting released on DVD

Enjoy this fan-made Xanadu Expanded Soundtrack

Want your very own Clash of the Titans Bubo the Owl?

Ain’t Gonna Eat My Mind is all about Bronx Gangs in the 1970s

Buster Brown Care Bear Shoes

The Original Star Wars Teaser Trailer (1976)

Search for the Gods (1975)

Retroist Inhumanoids Podcast

‘Cause I’m A Woman… Enjoli

Leon Neon by Mattel

Cap’n Crunch Toy Store Shopping Spree

Missile Command Recharged

The Pointer Sisters “Neutron Dance” from Beverly Hills Cop

A Young Brad Pitt sells Pringles

7-Up Feels So Good Comin’ Down

E.T. Video Game Journalism in the Eighties

It’s Punky Brewster

Dig Dug Strategy Guide

In 1982 you could get all the best E.T. Merchandise at the E.T. Earth Center

Gatorade’s Gator Gum

Hostess Leopards

Retroist Mattel Aquarius Podcast

Do you remember the Furskin Bears?

Remember Jinks the Cat?

Geoffrey Holder and 7 UP

Hägar The Horrible for Skol Beer

Disney’s The Black Hole Target Practice Scene

The Batman Green Machine

The Land Before Time VHS Pizza Hut Commercial

“You the Human Animal” starring Jiminy Cricket

Petey (Pete the Pup) from “Our Gang” was one smart dog

ET the Extra-Terrestrial Teaser Trailer

Live-Action Donkey Kong Jr. Commercial

Retroist Kodak Disc Podcast

Dallas: The Television Role-Playing Game

The Green Machine

Which Jaws book cover was better?

The DC Comics Direct Currents Hot-Line

Absolutely Annie Clothing from Sears

McDonald’s Happy Meal Playmobil Toys

The LeisureWave Aesthetic

Dick Tracy Special (2010)

Pillsbury Fudge Jumbles

The Dungeons & Dragons art of Laura Roslof

Did TSR try and trademark the word, Nazi?

Coca-Cola and its early Seventies Gourmet Burgers