I also had WPIX, got the glasses, and had the same experience. I recall there were bits at the commercial breaks that did a better job of showing 3D effects than the reprocessed movie. I remember a pool cue (?) coming out of the screen and being impressive. But the movie was boring. Didn't they flash something on the screen that said "Put on your 3D glasses NOW"?

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I had a somewhat similar experience but I don't remember the year. I think we had to get glasses at a supermarket and it was my first time seeing Creature from the Black Lagoon. I definiltey remember it being in the summer because the AC was on and we made popcorn.

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I was living in Abilene TX in 1982 when a local TV station advertised the 3-D movie "Gorilla At Large" (1954). 3-D glasses (not sponsored by Burger King) were available at several locations around town. I got mine at a local gas station & convenience store (this one had a Robotron arcade machine in it). They were printed with a Stars & Stripes motif (red, white, & blue). I actually still have that very pair. At it was, the 3-D on TV experience for me was not the most entertaining. I was definitely neither amazed nor thrilled. Cool memory though, and I have a souvenir!

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I know this comment is a bit late, but I remember Married with Children did a similar event in the 90s and aired an episode in 3D. It had 3D segments and you could get your glasses from 7 Eleven. I recall being excited, but ultimately disappointed.

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Thank you, Retroist, for sharing your experience with this classic movie shown in an exciting new way (for the '80s). I love to see those Burger King branded glasses. And your post inspired a trip to the dictionary...



ana·glyph ˈa-nə-ˌglif

1: a sculptured, chased, or embossed ornament worked in low relief

2: a stereoscopic motion or still picture in which the right component of a composite image usually red in color is superposed on the left component in a contrasting color to produce a three-dimensional effect when viewed through correspondingly colored filters in the form of spectacles

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Would you happen to be able to point me on the right direction of obtaining this broadcast? I’ve been trying to track a couple down, and I wasn’t aware of this one.

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Oh, man - thanks for sharing this memory, the retro tech, and your reminiscing recreation. I don't remember this 3-D movie event, but I remember Jaws 3-D TV broadcast (1983/84?) doing something similar where you had to get the glasses from Burger King. The feelings of excitement, shared camaraderie (and semi-disappointing visuals) still loom large in my brain.

"Sometimes, it's the disappointments that shape us. Nothing will change that or erase my older memories. But with this rewatch, I was able to create some new memories, very positive ones." - The Retroist, WPIX Revenge of the Creature in 3-D

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