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While I can't find it now, I recall reading an account of one of the crew members who worked on the day they filmed the intro to the show, and it had some interesting tidbits: The father was played by a security guard on set who thought it would be fun to turned into a creature; non-union obviously, so he never got an acting credit. The mother and daughter cyclops were played by real-life mother and daughter actresses. The actress who played the mother unfortunately had a cocaine problem and was constantly taking "bathroom" breaks every half hour. (I love the show, so I never forgot this trivia when I originally found it, but I have no idea where I read it and can't find it :-(

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Amazing! I wish I had heard that story before recording. It matches well the DIY, let's get it done ethos, I have read in other places.

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Check out Forgotten TV's podcast on Monsters, coming Oct 30. I go into the backgrounds of Richard P. Rubinstein, Michtell Galin, and the great Tom Allen who was a key creative voice behind Tales and Monsters and died unexpectedly before Monsters debuted. He also had a secret life few knew about, and I tell the whole story.

Rubinstein had an MBA from Columbia and was a Wall Street stockbroker before he went into TV; so his business knowledge changed the course of Laurel in the 1970s.

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