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I didn't think a podcast about Chicken McNuggets would be interesting which is why I waited to download it, but man was I wrong. This was awesome, informative and made me hungry. Still have my McNugget happy meal toys.

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I also remember the first time I had McNuggets. My uncle brought back a selection of foods from McDs when I was at my Aunt's house in the summer to go swimming. I thought they were the neatest thing. I still eat them on occasion almost 40 yrs later, with Sweet and Sour sauce. They taste very similar to what I remember.

My kids eventually ate them too. But I encouraged them to order things they wanted not just from the kids menu (at whatever restaurant we were at). They did not turn out like their friends who ate NOTHING BUT chicken nuggets for their entire childhood but are passionate about variety, what's in their food, and the quality choices they can make. At least one still eats at McD's very occasionally. The other is vegan but loves imitation chicken nuggets.

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