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That bowl was genius!

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Did you ever get a box of orange/cherry and grape/strawberry and mix all four flavors together and/or mix combinations not packaged together, such as strawberry/cherry? Also wondering if you ever mixed the cereal and the candy together, like cherry coke Nerds candy combined with cherry Nerds cereal? Lastly, so you have a pic of the gated bowl? Sounds awesome with many fun applications?

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I tended to always buy Cherry/Orange because I liked orange so much. I wish they had done a n Orange/Grape version.

I never added candy Nerds to the cereal. I am sure I would have loved it, but I think my mom would have revoked my ability to choose cereals if I did.

I added a link in the post to a 3D printed version of the bowl that shows exactly how it works.

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Great article and memories! Another product I so enjoyed (and forgot about!)

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