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Regrettably your story has some similarities to some experiences I had as a kid. I didn’t own a computer at the time and a kid in my street had a fully loaded Commodore 64 with disk drive and countless games. Ironically, it took a number of invites from this kid to come in and try his computer before I accepted and went in. But once I played Donkey Kong, I was hooked.

I would show up most days and hope to get some computer time. I was smart enough to not always dive straight into asking to play it. I’d usually ask to go for a bike ride first or play with action figures or whatnot. But after a bit, I’d inevitably ask to play the Commodore.

Unfortunately after a few months of this, the game was up. My friend passed on his mother’s message that I couldn’t come over any more and the good times playing with that amazing collection of games was regulated to memory.

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