The Joy of Transformer’s Rubsigns

I didn’t own a lot of Transformers when I was a kid, but the ones I did were treasured and played with often. What was not to love about them? Vehicles. Robots. Dinosaurs. They have everything a kid could want. They also had something that captured my imagination, the Rubsign.

The Rubsign was the small heat sensitive decal the came on Generation 1 Transformers starting in their second year. They allowed the identity of a Transformer to be kept secret until heat was applied, usually through rubbing. I am not sure why, but this small piece of technology quickly became an obsession of mine and I would show it off to whoever would allow me to demonstrate it. This was usually my Mother or Grandmother, who would humor me and pretend I had not shown them it 1000s of time before.

This novel use of mood ring technology might seem simple, but it just added another later of gee whiz to an already amazing toy line and I would not consider buying a Transformer that did not have one.

Here is an ad from the mid eighties featuring the rubsign…


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