Do you remeber Duets Candy?

I have vague memories of a Peanut Butter hard candy called “Duets” from my youth, but when I went to search for it online, the results were unexpected. I found a commercial for an “Adults Only” candy called “Duets” that was basically raisins or peanuts coated in yogurt. This was not the candy I was looking for, but this commercial intrigues me (as do most for anything trying to say they are for “adults”.)

Companies must do a lot of research on selling stuff and they must have a monetary reason why they would say a product is not suitable for kids, but it seems counterproductive for a candy. When I was a kid and saw a food product, be it a soda, candy or a chip that was being marketed to adults, I lost interest completely.

These “Duets” could have very well been on the shelf next to other candies and if I saw this commercial I would have just passed them over.


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