Do you remember Burger Queen??

Last night I received a link from a friend to memorabilia related to a restaurant called “Burger Queen.” The restaurant chain, which launched in 1963, stayed as “Burger Queen” up until 1981, when they changed their name to Druther’s.

This change was supposedly because they wanted people to not just associate them with burgers, since they served other foods. I can’t help but think that the name change might have been brought about because of comparisons to a similarly named and much more popular burger chain. Nowadays only one Druther’s exists, most of the locations having been converted to Dairy Queens and other fast food eateries.

I am curious if anyone remembers eating at a Burger Queen? Was the food any good? Was their ever a location that was near a Burger King?

Here is a commercial for Burger Queen from a couple of years before the name change. The main thrust of this ad is their fried chicken.


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