Fries of Steel: The Superman French Fries story!

Hello Retroist fans it’s the Charlton Hero again spending some time sharing my memories with you fine folks. This time I tackle a subject crazy merchandise crossovers gone horribly..RIGHT!!

So the Man of Steel flew into theaters this year to a great box office reception! Superman finally was cool again! DC comics even found a way to re-launch all its titles almost 2 years ago and freshen up the legendary comic book icon! So it only made sense to fill comic book shelves with new Superman comic books. Toy shelves were filled with new action figures, animated movies and posters you name it! There is money to be made! Well if history rewrites itself this wasn’t the first time that people have used the Son of Krypton for a quick buck.

[via] The Super Powers Hall of Justice
[via] The Super Powers Hall of Justice

Even though many Canadians were deprived of fun merchandise often seen in old comic book ads strictly due to geographical availability. Canada could brag that we had an item in the 1980s not often seen across our border…Superman French Fries!! Canadian food maker Canadian Fancy acquired the exclusive rights to produce the Superman French Fry line and I remember them fondly. These were not widely available but could be seen from time to time in specialty SUPERmarkets (Pun Intended). So the question is, were they any good? The answer was YES! I am sure it was the packaging that created my fry bias but these things were the best thing in Fry heaven for the few months they were available in my home town! Best of all they even tied in with the extra cool Super Powers action figure line.

[via] The Super Powers Hall of Justice
[via] The Super Powers Hall of Justice

If you bought Superman French Fries you could own your very own limited edition mail order Clark Kent figure! Now how cool is that!


The packaging was a big drawing card for me combined with the awesome pic’s of the Super Powers collection. There was also a Superman peanut butter which is a blog post for another the mean’s a’s a’s Superman French Fries! Really who could not love that!

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