My first They Might Be Giants Concert

In the late 1980s I picked up my first “The Might Be Giants Album” after hearing them on a local radio station. I found their music to be both fun and novel and I listened to them a lot. Eventually though, that was not enough, and I needed to see them in person! This should not have been difficult, since New York City was just a quick bus ride away, but whenever I went in “The City”, I always liked to go with a friend or family member. Sadly, try as I might, I could never convince anyone to go with me. Finally I had enough of waiting and in the late spring of 1990, I went and saw them by myself. I was of course convinced that I was going to get killed or mugged going to or coming from the Beacon Theater (I was not, but it was a hoof). The whole time I was at the show was wonderful.

I have since seen them many times in concert since then, and they always put on a great show. If they are in your area, I suggest you check them out.


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