Hamburger Helper Taco and Pizza Bake

One of the awesome things about Friday night is that dinner was always something special. Sometimes it could be Little Caesar’s Pizza and Crazy Bread (yay!), other times it was KFC (umm, ok), and still other times it was Hamburger Helper’s Pizza or Taco Bakes.
The Pizza and Taco Bake Hamburger Helpers came out in 1985 (according to American Food By The Decades), and they were unlike any Hamburger Helper I had seen before. Instead of being hamburger mixed with pasta, they were hamburger blanketed by a covering of cornbread. It might sound gross, but it really was delicious. Unfortunately, it didn’t last the decade. If I remember right, the Pizza and Taco Bakes were gone by the 90s. And they are really gone today. I can’t find anything about them except a bunch of people who, like me, remember and loved them. I couldn’t even find any commercials, and this was the only picture I could find.
The good news, though, is that some people have a recipe that is similar to them. You can find that recipe here.

P.S. I seem to remember that there was a Tuna Bake as well. I didn’t like tuna them (still don’t, unless it is sushi), so I never tried that. But I was aware of it.


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