Weebles Magic Kingdom Playset

Before I was into Star Wars, GI Joe or even Lego, I was a big fan of the Weebles. I am not sure which wonderful sister of mine donated their Weebles and Weeble Playground playset to me, but as soon as I held one of those egg shaped toys, I was hooked. All I could talk about was Weeble this and Wobble that. I guess my love for the toy was pretty obvious to all within ear shot because the following Christmas I received the Disney-themed Weebles Magic Kingdom Playset. Complete with Dumbo ride, monorail and of course a host of Disney character Weebles.

It was pure Weeble/Disney magic and I played with it even after I got into what would be considered more grown up toys like action figures. Sadly though, I and a house full of dogs (yes we had many many dogds) and friends treated the playset pretty roughly. So…

Eventually most of the castle was destroyed, but I held on to my Weebles well into adulthood. Then in a mysterious mix-up the box they were in went missing during a cross country move. I still like to think they are out there and somehow, just like on a Pixar movie, they will make their way home to me. In the meantime, I keep checking eBay and surfing other sites, trying to decided if I should replace this piece of childhood magic.

or maybe I need the Haunted House…


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5 thoughts on “Weebles Magic Kingdom Playset

  1. Doug – I have looked online for a ghost as well. I think we might have talked about it and it stuck in my head. I am shocked about how pricey they can be even with everything faded off.

    Do you have a faded one? Have you though of trying to restore one yourself? Maybe even improve on the original?

  2. Laura says:

    I just pulled mine out of my parents attic so that my son can play with it. Only found my Donald weeble though so I need to go back up there and find the rest of them.

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