Megamania for the Atari 2600 – It’s Gonna Drive you Insane

“You got to shoot to survive, you got to run to stay alive…” If those lyrics are familiar to you then you have probably already seen this commercial for the Atari 2600 classic Megamania. If you haven’t, you are in for a treat. Its a great commercial featuring the San Francisco based theater rock band, The Tubes and with its manic energy, flashy graphics and catchy yet predictable lyrics, it just scream 1980s. It is just awesome!

The game itself was designed by the mighty Steve Cartwright and was a fave at the Retroist household. My cousin Nick and I would marathon this on weekends and when I say marathon, I mean it. The whole idea of this game is that it was ongoing and non-stop version of Space Invaders. Of course instead of Space Ships/Monsters you would shoot at everyday objects that did not look like those objects i.e. hamburgers and bow ties. Check out this screenshot of a hamburger level.

Just like a hamburger huh?

Megamania, like many Activision games, allowed you to win a patch if you scored a certain amount of points and sent in a photo of your score. I believe it was 45,000 points.

So Sweet

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