It’s Official Pepsi Throwback is Back for Good

We all kind of “knew” it was officially back and that it would probably be back for good, but now there is no doubt about it. According to press releases and their Facebook Fan Page, Pepsi Throwback is now an official and fully distributed soft drink that will be available all year round.

I had my doubt about how long Throwback would last, but this is great news. Especially since this is pretty much all I drink now at home when I want a soft drink. That in itself, as a life long Coke drinker, has come as quite a shock even to me. I applaud Pepsi for giving the consumer a quality non-HFCS cola alternative and encourage everyone to pick some up this weekend to celebrate.

Update 3/16 – I emailed Pepsi people and asked them about the Dew and its availability in Canada. They said yes to the Dew and they said that Throwback IS NOT officially available in Canada on a permanent basis.

Currently, Throwback is only available permanently in the US.


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