Behold the “Swing Wing”

The Swing Wing wass a toy, similar to the Hula Hoop, but was worn on the head and twirled by moving the neck and/or body in a painful back and forth motion. It was developed by Transogram Games and introduced in 1965. It did not do as well as the Hula Hoop. With a slogan like “It’s a what??” how could they go wrong?


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2 thoughts on “Behold the “Swing Wing”

  1. In no way at all does that look like anything resembling fun.

    That being said, if it didn’t cause instant headaches and damage to vertebra, those kids would have football player necks in mere moments.

  2. but James, it says right on the advert “its a swing wing, its a fun thing”? So it must be.. I wonder why these never took off? (oops pun not intended)

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