ET Board Game

The ET Board Game

You gotta love that 1980s rainbow motif. We all know what a “huge” hit the ET video game was for Atari, but how many of you ever played the ET board game? In the game, you and your fellow E.T.s make their way around the board, trying to build the intergalactic phone. Which is represented by a circular jigsaw puzzle in the center of the board.

ET Board Game

Enjoy this amazing commercial for the ET Board Game

The game wasn’t a huge hit, but it was successful enough. From what I remember, when I played it with my E.T. geek cousin, the game was just OK. But the E.T. Pieces themselves were super awesome. We used them as an extra race in the Star Wars Cantina. Don’t mess with the Aliens from Brodo Asogi (yes, I am that kind of nerd), they got glowing fingers and wicked cool powers.

On a more serious note. Sure this wasn’t the greatest board game ever made, but at least it didn’t destroy Park Brothers and bring down an entire industry.


Look how lonely poor E.T. looks in the middle of the board. Help him build that phone so he can contact his family and go home.


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