Original Flintstone’s Opening Sequence

Original Flintstone’s Opening Sequence

I love alternate openings to TV shows. Especially with shows, to which, I am well acquainted. This is was what you saw when you tuned into “The Flintstones” during it first 2 seasons (1960-1962). Gone is the familiar “Quitting Time” instead it is replaced with “Fred Does Errands”. Why have we never seen this? Well, when they put the show into syndication they decided to use a standardized credit sequence and they chose the Season 3+ version. That Season 3+ Opening Sequence is so well referenced in pop culture — if they had chosen the earlier version would we be living in a very different world?

One where Bees rule!!!!
One where Bees rule!!!!

Oh and check out the blue Dino. Perhaps he is Dino I? Like Snowball I in the Simpsons?


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  1. I need to get the Flintstone’s DVD’s badly, you don’t really see them on TV anymore.

  2. Do you have access to the TV channel, Boomerang?

  3. No I don’t, that’d be cool though!

  4. Best channel on TV right now if you want to see older cartoons. Big fan. Not sure I could get through the week without it and Chiller.

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