Do your remember “Monster Pops” popsicles?
3-D Monster other side

Do your remember “Monster Pops” popsicles?

Do your remember “Monster Pops” popsicles? Drop by the Metal Misfit and share.

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  1. Well, someone else left a comment on my page saying they remember them. But we still need proof, darn it!

  2. Yeah I remember them from when I was like 5 or 6. I think there were like 4 or 5 different kinds of monsters in each box but I only remember dracula and that skeleton guy.

  3. Actually now that I think about it I don’t think it was a skeleton. Maybe a mummy or something like that. It was like 1985 when I had them so my memeory is a little fuzzy. LOL you really got me thinking about it now.

  4. Hey Helloskinny – Welcome to the site. These Monster Pops are driving us nuts. Everyone I know seems to have a vague recollection of them, but can’t nail down any details.

  5. I’ll never truly be at peace until we have more info on this.

  6. Man I searched all over the net and came up empty. It’s really bugging me now.

  7. Yup, it will drive you crazy. The closest thing I could find to them was some pics for Monster Freez’Ems.

    Amazing that not one shred of evidence is available right now.

    What do you remember about them? Do you remember what company made them? People seem to even disagree on that.

  8. I was starting to think I was the only one who remembered [vaguely :p] these things! This is awesome. Can’t shed too much light, but here’s what I recall.

    I think the box was black, with pictures of the actual “Monster pops” themselves [drawn not an actual photo]. I think Helloskinny is right, the white one was a mummy. There was a vampire & I think a Frankenstein. I recall them being a lot thicker, though shorter than, your standard Popsicle.

    I just can’t believe nothing turns up when you search for these things! Surely there’s a picture of the box out there somewhere?!

  9. Nice Anthony (and welcome to the site). Its amazing how a fairly contemporary food stuff can just dissappear from the world.

    Do you remember who exactly made them? It seems it might be open to debate…

  10. Thanks, The Retroist :D

    No, I can’t recall who made them for the life of me. Sometimes I swear it’s on the tip of my tongue and then it disappears. I’m he only one of my friends [all in my age range, early to mid 30’s] who has even heard of Monster Pops. I guess we are all the chosen few :p.

  11. Anthony – I cannot tell you how long I have wanted to be a part of a “chosen few”. It may not be the noblest quest, but it is ours!

  12. LOL! Agreed. As Elrond might say – “You shall be the Fellowship of the Monster pops.”

  13. You have my sword!

    So began the Sacred Fellowship of the Monster Pops!

  14. Hell yeah, I remember them. I can’t find a damn picture of them though. Was looking, but this is the closest thing I found.

  15. I’m not crazy! I too remember the monster pops. I’ve been searching for proof for a long time, but I’ve found nothing. This is the first time one of my google searches has resulted in anything close. I’m just glad that others remember them!

  16. Hey Mark. Your are not alone. We are many and we all want proof of Monster Pops. Do you remember any details like who made them? Even that seems up for debate in out ever growing group.

  17. I don’t know who made them, but I’m wondering if they were a regional product. I grew up in Dayton, Ohio and my mom bought them at Kroger’s. How about everyone else?

    I’m pretty sure I remember a wolfman popsicle, too. The box was definitely black and possibly had a green cobweb on it.

  18. I was in New Jersey and we usually shopped at Pathmark or Shoprite.

  19. Mark, holy cow dude, I grew up in Dayton, Ohio too! I had thought about the regional thing my self. Maybe North East & Mid West? Any West coasters hear of them?

  20. I grew up in Virginia. My family shopped only at Kroger’s in those days as well… Could it have been a Kroger’s product?

  21. I remember them as well. I think they came in only three fruit flavors: orange, cherry, and grape. I think there were four shapes: vampire, mummy (might have been skeleton), Frankenstein, and either a ghost or a werewolf.

  22. I remember these , as well . I believe , too , that they may have been only at Kroger , because my family went grocery shopping at quite a few places back then , and I believe Kroger was the only one to have them . ( I’m in Michigan , by the way , another Midwest state . ) I also recall the box being black , with the word “monster” displayed with a green , warty or otherwise slimy-type font . I recall Dracula being purple , Frankenstein possibly orange , the skeleton maybe yellow , a dragon or lizard-like monster for green , and I’m pretty sure ( though no one else seems to recall this ) the red one was a horned devil-like monster . I’m pretty certain there were no wolfman or mummy ones , but I could be wrong .

  23. I knew I was not losing it. I LOVED these. My mother bought these at Almacs and BPM, which also are long gone (I am in Dighton MA). I recall dracula, frankenstein, and a ghost. I know there were 4 creatures in a box. They did come in a black box with green writing. Now I will have to call Mother and see what she remembers about these.

  24. You are definitively not crazy. If you more mother remembers any details, please share.

  25. I remember monster pops. I loved them. To my recollection there was a dracula and some sort of dragon or lizard. It was my favorite. They were definitely fatter than regular popsicles. I think I have an old polaroid of my little brother eating a monster pop. I’ll try to dig it up.

  26. Please do – that would be our first photo evidence that they existed!

  27. I remember Purple Dracula Popsicles with the red goo in the middle. They were just like orange creamsicles except the change in flavours with red goo in the middle.
    They ruled.
    Never saw any of the other pops in my area
    and that was like 20 – 24 years ago
    Toronto ontario
    I want one NOW!

  28. The Dracula monster pops were called “Dracicles” They came in a yellow package with a purple castle and Dracula’s face in the sky.
    The Dracicle was purple popcicle on the outside with vanilla ice cream in the middle, if you bit into the popcicle you could see two dots of red jam in the center, ( it would look like a vampire bite.) the red jam filling would run through the center of the popcicle until you hit the bottom where you would hit the mother load of red goo.

    We need a picture of the box!!!

  29. Wow! I thought I was the only one who remembered these. As crazy as people are about nostalgia, why aren’t there photos of these anywhere online? I need it!

  30. I can’t believe this. I have been searching for proof of the existence of monster pops for 3 years and have found NOTHING….also correct me if i’m wrong, but wasn’t there a devil? i seem to remember a pitchfork and the pointed tail on the backside of the popsicle

  31. So I’ve been searching for this site forever! I live in WV and my family shopped at Kroger, too. I recall that they were shorter, fatter, and 3D. I remember grape, cherry, and orange. I definitely remember the horned devil with the pointy tail and I think a Frankenstein. My friends, who remember them at all, have debated with me about whether or not there is a skeleton, mummy, wolfman, or sea creature. I agree that the box was black and I think there was a lizard/sea creature on the front, but I don’t think he was a flavor. If anyone has a pic or a definite on the characters, I would be most grateful! Thaks for the memories!

  32. Welcome to the support group. We will find a pic of these someday.

  33. there seems to be to difference of opinion in the styles of monster pops. The ones i remember were definitely not cream-filled, they were just good ‘ole frozen popsicles. I think Keeks is correct on the flavors, cherry, grape, and orange. To my recollection there was Dracula, Skeleton, Sea-Creature, and a Devil. the mummy/skeleton is debatable, but i’m pretty sure it was a skeleton. MY KINGDOM FOR A PHOTO!!!!

  34. Also, I too am from WV and got them at Kroger. It totally could be regional and/or Kroger product

  35. I emailed Kroger last pm requesting any info or photos that they may have. I’ll repost as soon as I hear back.

  36. Also, you all may want to do the same. If enough people contact them, maybe we’ll get a straight answer FINALLY!

  37. I grew up eating them in about 1985 as well, but i lived in arkansas – and got them from a WInn Dixie or Piggly Wiggly or Fred’s (not meyers)- by the time i moved up to Nashville (kroger country) they didnt have them anymore – i’ve been looking for info on them for a long time- seem to have dissapeard- but there was frankenstien, dracula, a skelton and a mummy or wolfman- and they were didnt colored- and NOT cream filled liek someone else said, they are mixing to things up dracilcles are something else- im looking for more info – will post if i find

  38. Yes I loved these.

    Black box with the pops on the front is correct. They were delicious, anyone remember futurama where Fry pays millions for sardines? Id pay good money to have one of these again!!! Gosh if any one can find a pic that would be the best thing ever. I grew up in WV, Beckley and they sold them at the local stores more than likely Win Dixie or some other small town chain. Perhaps even Kroger.

  39. Oh man, I’m so glad I’m not alone in this search! I also grew up in WV and I have very fond memories of Monster Pops. If I recall correctly, the box was black and I think it had pics of the actual popsicles, as well as artwork. The shapes included a skeleton, frankenstein, dracula, and creature. There may have been a wolfman pop in there, but I just can’t remember. Anyhoo, I hope someone can find some photos of this long, forgotten product.

  40. Yup! They had the black box with the actual pops on it and the pics of the monsters. The lettering was green if I recall correctly. Though its been 20 years so who knows lol. I do recall that black box being covered in frost and taking them home from the grocery store in the summer. So many great things from the 80’s long lost. So this is getting old eh?

  41. I remember the same ones as peebee, the cream-filled grape ones. I’m from Ontario too. I’m so glad to see someone else remembers them, I thought maybe I made them up or something! No one ever knows what I’m talking about!

  42. uhmm.. i dont get this site.? im Just messaging from my tv video class because im bored.

  43. LOL me and my sister were just talking about Monster Pops they were shaped like Dracula and Frankenstein i cant find pictures anywhere as well. What a trip…we use to love them

  44. Yea there was Dracula, Frankenstein, Wolfman, Skeleton, and a Mummy.

  45. I completly remember having them at least once a week.

    I can remmeber that the front of the box the image was the 4 cartoon images of the skeleton, dracula, The Creature and a grape one… can’t remember that as well because I didn’t like grape back then. (Dracula was my favorite. was Red and cherry flavored. I remember that reallly well.)

    anyway.. was the 4 cartoon images with their corrosponding popsickles below them. kinda fanned out like how you would hold cards in your hand.

    My mom and dad bought them for me and my brother when we were pretty little I’ll say six. so that would have been 1987.

  46. Wow, talking about this with buddies at work and I come across this link.
    I grew up in Kingston, ON Canada (between Toronto and Ottawa) and we had these at our local grocery store called Carload. I would beg my Mom to get these b/c they cost more than the regular popsicles. Dracula, purple shell, red liquid on vanilla icecream…thats my memory and I cant find anything on the internet about them either. Still no pictures out there?

  47. Hallelujah!

  48. Wow that is a much older box… says 81 on it, I still remember a slightly differn’t box design. And definatly don’t remember there being anything about a mail in on the side, use to collect kool-aid points :). And remember the pops themselves bigger and actual photos of them in the middle of the graphic. But this is like 95% there! still I guess my search continues… But this will help alot!

  49. Frigo is the brand name of the dracula pops I found here in Barcelona, Spain and enjoying every bit of the red goo and creamy base of the cola flavored outterlayer…. Yummmooooo!!!

  50. The monster pops I knew and loved were from Krogers. My favorite was the skeleton!

  51. I’m another West Virginian (grew up in the Charleston area specifically) on the search for Monster Pops! I know my mom got them at Krogers, as Walmart hadn’t yet made the move into the area. Mostly I just remember them being shorter & thicker than regular Popsicles and only coming in cherry, grape & orange. i remember the flavors just bc i always thought one of the monsters should be green. The only characters I actually remember are Dracula & Frankenstein. Long live the Fellowship of the Monster Pop!

  52. Hello fellow cursed people. I am from South Eastern Michigan, and I also remember the Monster Pops. From what I can remember, in the late 80’s there was a big fad of popsicles shaped liked characters. I remember Disney ones and the Monster Pops being the most popular. They were readily available at all local food stores including Kroger, Foodtown, and A&P. I also remember there being a commercial that aired during Halloween time for the Monster Pops product. Which I believe around 1989 the popsicles and character designs were a bit more modern and cleaner than the ones shown in the box linked above. Dracula, Frankenstein, Skeleon and Wolfman are the character I remember. With Grape, Cherry, Lime, and Orange being the flavors. It would be amazing to find out where these pops came from…

  53. Monster pops were amazing!!! My Mother bought a box every time she went to Krogers!! I had them for years!! They came in 3 flavors and had 4 monsters: The creature from the black lagoon, Dracula, Frankenstein and a skeleton!!!
    They were super thick and could seriously damage your teeth trying to bite into one and then once you did…..sub zero brain freeze!!! Ahhh, the good ole days!! If only they could return to store shelves….

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