Mmmm, The Burger King Steak Sandwich – I mean Yuck


I love fast food. I know that is not a popular thing to say, but my heart be damned, I love the the stuff. Its delicious, its creative in a mad scientist sort of way and it embodies our popular culture better then any 3 star meal ever could. As a connoisseur of the stuff I feel like I am in a good position to comment on what is/was good and what is horrible. For example the McRib is awesome in every way. Interesting too look at, mysterious in origin and delicious to taste. Now that is a sandwich that deserves it subcultural hype.

Yesterday I was trawling some message board and found a petition for someone who was trying to bring back the ill conceived Burger King Steak Sandwich. At first glance it sounds good, Big Burger topped with onion rings and BBQ sauce? Sign me up? But the proof is in the taste and and BK used some bad tasting BBQ sauce that did not quite mesh right with the beef and the rings would get soggy. It was a disaster.

Some might argue it was an idea that was ahead of its time and that with better fast food tech they could make this work, but remember in the early 90s when BK tried to have a sit down restaurant feel and started serving meal baskets? Well they brought back the Steak Sandwich then and it was just a big of mess. I am not sure who is more foolish. BK for trying to bring back this poor product or me for trying this again. Well, they have my money so of course its me. Over a decade later and it still tasted bad (although I kind of liked the basket concept). So what is the point of all this? I need to eat healthier and I have a commercial of course and here it is.

Look at those rings…that meat..the sauce. How can it not be good? Well fast food is a mysterious beast. A riddle, wrapped in enigma, smothered in heart failure.


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