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Quantum Link for the Commodore 64

Before AOL started clogging the landfills with millions of disc-based online hours they were known as Quantum Computer Services. The online service they provided was called Quantum Link. For many people who had a Commodore 64 they were the first point of contact for the larger computing world. Q-Link’s BBS system taught me about how to use emoticons, slay trolls and most importantly…how to love. OK, not how to love, but certainly a whole lot about Monty Python and Doctor Who.


I was digging through a box of old c64 games the other day when I came across this book of access numbers and “How to get Connected”. This handsome paper booklet sure beats the heck out of those AOL coasters. I scanned the “Getting Started” section along with the access numbers for the land of my birth, New Jersey.

I wish I could say I remembered these numbers, but I didn’t. Access cost money when I was a kid and that was scarce. So when I did get to call in, I would have to pull out this book and make sure I made every second count.

I hope this brings back good memories in fellow former Q-linkers.

Quantum Link Number Director

Quantum Link 1

Quantum Link 2

Quantum Link 3

Quantum Link 4


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