McDonald’s Served Roast Beef On A Roll??


In 1968, McDonald’s attempted to compete with Arby’s by releasing a sandwich aimed at the adult market, the Roast Beef on a roll. Served with a packet of BBQ sauce the sandwich had its fans, but because of the high costs associated with the roast beef, McDonald’s found it difficult to make it profitable.

In this ad, from the year it was released, you will see the audience that McDonald’s was aiming for. I kind of like the look of that roll and I wonder how it tasted? Anyone around who got to try one and still have a memory of it?


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4 thoughts on “McDonald’s Served Roast Beef On A Roll??

  1. JB says:

    I remember the roast beef sandwich very well, it was very tasty and super tender, I was so disappointed when it was removed and I was only 9 years old at the time but it was so good I still think of them even to this day, better flavor than the competition back then,

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