March Mego Madness - Vintage Mego


Exciting news appeared around the interwebs late last week from the revived Mego Corporation with news of their upcoming wave of retro-styled, highly articulated, cloth-costumed action figures! Mego was a juggernaut in the toy industry in the 70s and very early 80s, when many of us were formative and developing […]

Did Mavis Beacon Teach You Typing?

“The Home Row,” “ASDF,” timed typing, and words per minute were the standard terms heard in any late 1980s and 1990s keyboarding class. But there was one computer program we all heard of, and probably used, when learning to be future Retroist writers. That computer program was Mavis Beacon Teaches Typing. Did Mavis […]

The Candlelight Witch - Title

Saturday Frights: The Candlelight Witch

Friends, thanks for joining us once again for a small dose of the creepy and bizarre. With this week’s offering entitled The Candlelight Witch we get something of a throwback to 80’s ‘kid’ horror like 1987’s The Gate as well as The Monster Squad. The short film probably won’t actually […]

Dance Party - The Dance Craze Game of the 90s

Have You Had a “Dance Party” Lately?

The year is 2009. I work as an elementary school teacher’s assistant. In the work room, there is a table that holds a treasure trove of lost gems–things hidden in the back of storage cabinets and closets for ages, or things that simply have outlived their classroom usefulness. That table […]