It’s Time For Some WICKED Awesome Rock n’ Roll!

Hey there fiends! If any of you cats should know anything at all about ol’ XIII it’s that I absolutely love me some Glam Rock! Now, while this genre of 70’s era rambunctious rockin’ may be hard to come by these days as far as new music is concerned, there are indeed folks keepin’ the gla flag a’ wavin'; and no one does it better than the dudes in WICKED!


The fearsome foursome of WICKED; Chad Michael (lead vocals/guitar), Danny Doll (bass guitar/vocals), Scotty V (lead guitar/vocals) and JP Clubs (drums), have played shows far and wide (including legendary festival Rocklahoma for the past two years) as well as releasing a sold-out debut album entitled ORIGINS, and believe you me this is just the beginning of what these lads are going to deliver (and I ain’t kiddin’…check out their website for the details of their upcomin’ live album releasin’ on double vinyl no less)!


But I hear you cry “That’s impressive and all Danny XIII, but a band is only as good as their music. How do I know WICKED is the sonic saccharine that I crave?” To that I say “Click on some of the vids I’ve posted below and let your ear holes get all sorts of filled with the greatest glam this side of The Sweet!” Oh, and when your done gettin’ yer day thoroughly rocked and rolled, head on over to the boys Facebook and give them a like; and don’t forget to tell ‘em XIII sent ya!

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Retro Radio Memories: Escape – “Three Skeleton Key” (1950)

Image courtesy of Claymation Werewolf.

Image courtesy of Claymation Werewolf.

Welcome back friends to a new installment of Retro Radio Memories. For your listening pleasure this week we offer a classic episode from the Escape radio series entitled “Three Skeleton Key” and starring Vincent Price.

Originally airing on March 17, 1950 the story concerns the three men who are tasked with tending a lighthouse, John (Vincent Price), Louis, and August. The trouble begins when John who is on duty spies a derelict sailing vessel in the early hours of the morning. John wakens his fellow lighthouse keepers and they watch in awe as the ship barely avoids striking a reef only to recoil in horror when using their spy glass they realize it is filled with thousands of ferocious rats! When the ship breaks up on the island of the lighthouse…the three must fight to stay alive.

Will John and his friends be able to hold off the ravenous hordes of rats? You’ll just have to join us here on Retro Radio Memories and find out for yourself!

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Saturday Frights: Christopher Lee’s Fireside Tales – The Monkey’s Paw

Sir Christopher Lee
Welcome back friends to another installment of Saturday Frights! I’m taking over hosting duties once more as the Projectionist is busy getting the latest podcast edited for your listening enjoyment. This week for your viewing/listening pleasure we have something that is just perfect for this month long celebration of Halloween, the one and only Sir Christopher Lee’s reading of W.W. Jacob’s 1902 famous short story, the Monkey’s Paw.

My first introduction to the story actually came from when I caught a midnight showing of the 1972 Tales From The Crypt movie in a segment entitled ‘Wish You Were Here’, it really made an impression on me in my youth, it like the original story is a very powerful tale.

Christopher Lee’s Fireside Tales was a series of BBC Radio plays that originally were broadcast in 2004. So dim the lights and turn up the volume on your speakers and let us join together for this Saturday Frights as we learn of the fate of the Monkey’s Paw.

[Via] Ton 24968

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Cinefix’s Humorous “The Entire Halloween Series In 2 Minutes”

Cinefix - Halloween
As Halloween draws nearer you might be looking for your spooky cinematic choices until Halloween finally arrives. Many stations are showing John Carpenter’s classic Halloween as well as various sequels but maybe you missed one or two of the movies and need a quick recap to get you up to speed before Halloween H20 starts?

Cinefix has come to the rescue with this humorous 2 minute summary for the entire Halloween series!

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Are You Ready For The Sewer Slashin’ Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles?

All images courtesy of the Chicago Toy Collector.

All images courtesy of the Chicago Toy Collector.

Try to picture my great delight when Dan Polydoris or the Chicago Toy Collector as he is perhaps better known sent me these custom-made TMNT figures to share with you all. I have many fond memories of trying to collect all of the Universal Monster toy versions of our favorite mutated teenage turtles back in my younger days…and failing miserably…but at least with this collection of ‘Horror in a Half-Shell’ on display I don’t have to look over at the empty spots on my toy shelf.

Donny Krueger
TMNT Horror - Donatello - Chicago Toy Collector

Mikey Meyers (My favorite figure!)
TMNT Horror - Michelangelo - Chicago Toy Collector

Raph Voorhees
TMNT Horror - Ralphael - Chicago Toy Collector

Leatherface Leo
TMNT Horror - Leonardo - Chicago Toy Collector

Make sure to visit Dan’s site by following the link provided up top to see what toys he used to create this awesome collection.

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Halloween Costume Suggestions: Voltron (Far Universe Version)

So maybe the idea of dressing up as Marty McFly doesn’t strike you as the way to go this year, then perhaps the opportunity to trick or treat as the mighty Voltron will do the trick?

Image courtesy of Blastr.

Image courtesy of Blastr.

To get into character you could always watch this classic intro.

[Via] Jedi Juggernaut

A big thanks to Blastr for that photo of Voltron, which was spotted at the 2010 San Diego Comic-Con.

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Retroist Podcast – Episode 176 – The Fat Albert Halloween Special


On this episode of the podcast I start off by talking about a much missed Halloween pal from years ago. Then I talk about one of the specials we watched together, The Fat Albert Halloween Special. I talk about the man behind the special, Bill Cosby, the origin of Fat Albert, the production company, the plot, the voice actors, the music and much more. Halloween is approaching soon, so make sure you watch this holiday classic before it is too late.

Music on the show was provided by Peachy (the Herbie Hancock of Wales), if you have musical needs, why not contact Peachy at And “like” him on his Facebook Page.

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