Saturday Frights Podcast – Episode 021 (Twilight Zone: The Movie’s “It’s A Good Life”)


Welcome back friends to the Saturday Frights Podcast! Each podcast my co-host, the Projectionist and I will discuss a particular horror movie or horror themed TV episode from the Retroist Vault and this time we chose a segment from 1983’s Twilight Zone: The Movie entitled “It’s A Good Life”. We fully discuss the synopsis for the segment and its notable cast and crew, and the Projectionist has also brought along some Drive-In ads for your listening pleasure!!

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James K. Polk Was A…Werewolf?!

James K Polk
The 11th President of the United States, James Knox Polk, has been voted the “least known consequential president” of the United States. One of those reasons might possibly be because he was trying to hide a very dark secret…that he was in fact afflicted by Lycanthropy! Who knows how this happened but I would guess it had something to do with his joining the Tennessee militia in 1822.

At least I assume this is truthful sequence of events coming from the I AM BIGGEST blog and the talented hand of Dax Delap.

Image courtesy of Dax Delap.

Image courtesy of Dax Delap.

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Check Out This Alternate Artwork For Atari’s Haunted House!

Images courtesy of Atari Mania.

Images courtesy of Atari Mania.

I received Atari’s Haunted House for my birthday back in 1981, I really enjoyed it but for some reason I got it in my head that maybe what I needed was Atari’s port of Berzerk. To be fair it might have had a little something to do with that Atari Force comic that was packaged with the cartridge.

Berzerk - Atari 2600 - Atari Mania

So my Father drove me to our local store and I gave my Haunted House to the clerk and explained I wanted to trade it for Berzerk. The clerk was a teenager and he fixed me with a smirk as he said, “Yeah, this Haunted House game is no fun at all.” So he hands me Berzerk but then the Electronics Manager comes over and asks why I was trading Haunted House for the new game and not another copy of the original game. I didn’t know what to say and I was getting the sinking feeling that I was about to have to hand Berzerk back over but my Father put his hand on my shoulder and said, “This Haunted House game is too easy for my Son, he beat it within 10 minutes. For the money we spent we want something that will last longer.” That was that and I went home with my new cartridge.

To be fair I really do like Haunted House and I am quite happy to have it in my collection. But thanks to Atari Mania we can now get a look at this alternate Haunted House artwork, certainly seems like at some point someone decided to go with the creepiness factor of the artwork up top versus the emphasis on the Graves Mansion as well as showing a young woman in distress.

Haunted House - Cart Art - Atari Mania

One of those reasons is that the game went through a couple of different names during programming. Mystery Mansion, Graves Manor, and then Nightmare Manor before Haunted House was chosen.

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Retroist Podcast – Episode 177 – The Last Man on Earth


On this week’s show I talk all about the 1964 cult film classic, “The Last Man on Earth”. I start off talking about how the movie put me on edge after the first time I watched it. Then I talk about book it is based on, its author, the people in front of and behind the camera, the plot, its reception, other versions of the story that have made it onto the big screen and much more.

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Lord Pumpkin Commands You to Watch These


Back in the 90s Malibu comics had the Ultraforce cartoon, their answer to Marvel’s X-men show. Ultraforce was a good show, with some interesting takes on the whole superheroes shtick, but was unfortunately short-lived. Marvel comics bought Malibu and pretty much threw away everything (including this cartoon series). This series had two episodes which were particularly suited for Halloween:

In the first of which (second in sequence, but first in this article) we have the villain Lord Pumpkin, a living jack-o-lantern with a scarecrow-like body, mystical powers, and a massive ego. We also have one of the heroes, an undead zombie named Ghoul, whose mind is surprisingly still intact and whose body can simply be put back together like clay whenever pieces come off. Lord Pumpkin tricks a wannabe rock star into controlling the minds of his audience in some kind of mystical ceremony.

In the second episode in this article (first in sequence) Lord Pumpkin is a drug dealer in the hometown of one of the heroes. These drugs grant awesome power, but come with a high cost and it is up to Prototype to put an end to Lord Pumpkin’s plans.

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Treat a host of ghosts with Kool-Aid

Haloween Kool-Aid

I’m confused by the mixed messages in this 60’s Haloween-themed Kool-Aid advert. The text states ‘treat’, but the large pumpkin-jug hovering above the tricksters suggests something entirely different to me. This isn’t the first time we’ve found ourselves troubled by Kool-Aid either, perhaps liquid treats should be off the menu at the end of October!?

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This Low Energy Staten Island Restaurant Commercial is Pure Magic


I was never lucky enough to eat at the nautical-themed Top of the Mast restaurant on Staten Island despite my many trips there to visit family as a kid. It was hard to resist going after seeing this amazing commercial back in the 1980s. Why? Because in just 30 seconds, it demonstrated the culinary magic and warm inviting atmosphere you could expect when you frequented the Top of the Mast.

Everything about this commercial is great, the woman who narrates it, the shots of the food and most importantly the closing shot. Make sure you watch that closing shot…

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