8-bit Metal Hearts Bookends

Are you books constantly falling over? Want to make a statement about you appreciation for 8-bit gaming? Sure we all do, but until recently we had so few options. But with 8-bit culture on the rise, lots of great themed items are hitting the market place. Take for instance these vibrant red bookends by Knob Creek Metal Arts. They are handmade from solid steel, and are heavy enough to hold up even a bookworm’s reading collection. Sold in a set of two pieces, they are finished in hammered red.


[via] Knob Creek Metal Arts

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Stove Top Stuffing…for Pork??


Larry (Richard Kline) from Three’s Company certainly seemed surprised that Stove Top started making a stuffing geared towards pork in the late seventies. To tell you the truth, I am still sort of surprised by this. Growing up, we ate a fair amount of pork products and not once was it paired with Stove Top. It appears they still sell this variety, so I might need to remedy that, and see if it as good as this commercial makes it out to be.

I would just like to mention that growing up I was told to call Stuffing that was not stuffed into an animal and cooked, “dressing”. Since you cannot stuff a pork chop with stuffing (at least not in a traditional way). I have since learned that this seems to be a regional thing and that we should feel free to call it whatever we want.

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Do You Remember The 1987 Marvel Comics Parade Float?

1987 Marvel Comics Parade Float
Caleb Goellner over at Comics Alliance was kind enough to share a selection of awesome videos from various Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parades and this 1987 video in particular caught my eye. Hop on over to check out some of the other videos but this was the first time I’ve seen anything about a Marvel Comics float from back in the day.

So prepare yourself to witness this bit of fun from back in 1987 when the likes of Dr. Strange, Captain America, Wolverine, Power Man, and Daredevil team up to combat the evil of the Enchantress, Doctor Doom, the White Queen, the Green Goblin and…the Hulk?! There is also a surprise visit from a certain defender of Old Detroit!


Do any of you remember when some of the Heroes and Villains of Marvel Comics teamed up to fight on the Super City Float?

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Coming Soon the Pontiac P-Car (Fiero)

As you can see in this promo image for the Pontiac P-Car from 1982, they still weren’t even sure what the name of the car would be. The promo speculates the evocative “Sunfire”, but that name wouldn’t be used by Pontiac until 1995 as a replacement for the Sunbird. The name was going to be the Pegasus, which you can still see evidence of in the winged horse emblem on the car. This name was rejected because it was feared that consumers would not understand how to pronounce Pegasus. This sounds crazy, especially considering the name they finally went with, the Pontiac Fiero (1984-1988).

Fieros went over in a big way in my hometown. I think during their release year, four of them appeared on my block, and boy were the owners proud. Often spending extensive amounts of time cleaning and waxing their red (always red) new cars.


For a deep and interesting look at the history of this car, I suggest you read Kill Your Darlings: The Birth and Death of the Pontiac Fiero over at the Ate Up with Motor blog.

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This Pac-Man Cheesecake looks Fun and Delicious

Want to turn a plain but delicious cheesecake into something really special? Just cut out wedged shaped piece, pop an eye on it and instant Pac-Man. Just make sure that as you remove pieces you continue to keep the illusion of Pac-Man going for nearly a quarter of your cake consumption.


[via] Feed my Stomach & Cheesecake Pac-Man Style

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The Day of the Dolphin

The Day of the Dolphin

“Unwittingly, he trained a dolphin to kill the president of the United States.”

How’s that for an audacious movie poster tagline? With the recent passing of director Mike Nichols, I took a look at his filmography to remind myself about some of his achievements. In amongst his many successes (Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf?, The Graduate, Working Girl) I spotted a title that I hadn’t heard of – 1973’s The Day of the Dolphin starring George C. Scott.

A quick search later and I’m presented with the image above! Sadly I couldn’t find a trailer for what is clearly a brilliant movie but here are a couple more film posters to whet your appetite.

The Day of the Dolphin
The Day of the Dolphin

I also found the final scene from the movie where you can hear dolphins speaking English:

From what I’ve seen and read about The Day of the Dolphin, it’s definitely on my watch list for the future, how about you?

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This might be the most unusual UHF Fan Art on the Internet

I have been looking at the UHF fan art that has been posted on the web. Sadly there is not enough of it. The stuff that does exist is great, but it is pretty straight forward. So this piece by nitsud08 stopped me in my tracks. Created for a UHF themed show at gallery 88, I am not sure what is going on here, but the unusualness of the work is perfectly fitting with the offbeat film from which it is derived.


Remember the UHF 25th Anniversary Edition in now available on Blu-ray

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