How many of these Sneakers from 1981 cost $30?

It is a trick question of course. Each of these great looking shoes from JC Penney is only $20! Which I imagine is about twice what my family wanted to spend on sneakers back in 1981. I thought this sounded like a pretty good deal, but when I ran it through an inflation calculator it says they would be $54 dollars today. While that seems reasonable enough for a pair of sneakers, it doesn’t seem like that great a deal.


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Tom Selleck visits Late Night with David Letterman in 1986


In this episode we learn that Tom cleverly had his hair cut at the end of a season of Magnum so that he can’t be called back to do promos. Tom’s visit to the show is not really to promote his hit CBS series, but instead to promote his films, “Daughters of Satan”, which he did in the 1970s (with hopes of a re-release) and “Terminal Island”. It is all played for laughs and makes Tom’s visit very special.

I wish I had one of those buttons he brought with him on that day to the studio.

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Hand Tooled 8-Bit Heart Leather Wallet

My day-to-day wallet is an old Snoopy wallet that I have had since I was a kid. I have been a little nervous about losing it and have spent some time trying to find a new one, but have so far come up with nothing. My affection for this wallet is high enough that I have been considering getting a quote from a leather worker to make a similar one out of something of higher quality.

While looking at a few places online I have stumbled across a few great looking wallets that, if something does happen to this wallet, will make a pretty nifty replacement. Top of my list this week, and I imagine this will change, is this 8-bit heart (which would also make a pretty swell tattoo).


[via] Sova Leatherworks

If it is gone, that is probably because I bought it.

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The Sony C6… So simple, the cat can use it (with John Cleese)


The Sony ad people were ahead of the curve with their cat appreciation in this ad for the Sony C6 starring John Cleese and a cat. The silliness of seeing a cat using and programming a VCR is certainly worthy of the internet’s fascination with the cats and, dare I say it, is a bit Python-esque. I had a cat when I was very young and he was not capable of programming a VCR. He was what we liked to called a “free spirit” with his “leavings” and would turn just about anything in the house into his litter box.

So maybe he would have had a use for the C6, just not one we would have appreciated…

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Travis Falligant’s “The Lost Mysteries” Collection Art Book

We’ve shared more than a few pieces of artwork from Travis Falligant, an amazing artist who allows us to travel to alternate worlds where Scooby-Doo and the kids from Mystery Inc. happened to bump into Bruce Campbell or the Monster Squad, or even the likes of the Golden Girls during their investigations!

'Maniac Cop' Images courtesy of Travis Falligant.

‘Maniac Cop’
Images courtesy of Travis Falligant.

'My Bloody Valentine' Images courtesy of Travis Falligant.

‘My Bloody Valentine’
Images courtesy of Travis Falligant.

Due to fan requests, Travis has decided to try and release an art book featuring his many prints as well as new ones never before seen plus preliminary artwork and commentary, all in a limited edition run (only 300 books).

To help donate to the creation of “The Lost Mysteries Collection” art book you can follow the link to his INDIEGOGOpage!

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Fisher-Price ‘Adventure People Killers’ By Phil Postma!

All images courtesy of Phil Postma.

All images courtesy of Phil Postma.

We’ve showcased the work of the talented Phil Postma once or twice before. Though his latest bit of fan art is totally up my alley, not only does it shine a spotlight on the awesome Fisher-Price Adventure People toys but it allows us to see a world where people wised up and realized we needed toy versions of some of our favorite horror icons to stalk them down!

Jason Voorhees

Image courtesy of Phil Postma.

Image courtesy of Phil Postma.

Freddy Krueger
Fisher Price Adventure People Killers - Freddy - Phil Postma

Michael Myers
Fisher Price Adventure People Killers - Michael - Phil Postma

Fisher Price Adventure People Killers - Leatherface - Phil Postma

Of course each figure is paired with their very own victim.
Fisher Price Adventure People Killers - Krueger Victim - Phil Postma

Make sure to hop on over to Phil Postma’s Blog to see even more fantastic art! I also want to give a huge thank you to Hayden Yale for being kind enough to give me the heads up on this bit of fan art.

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Let Dolph Lundgren help you reach your Maximum Potential


In 1986, at the height of his career, Dolph Lundgren released his personal workout on home video as “Dolph Lundgren’s Maximum Potential”. The video is comprised of footage of Dolph working out and narrating as he does martial arts, shadow boxes, runs, jumps rope, and a whole lot more.

I worked in video stores in the 1980s and 1990s and this video was surprisingly popular. At the video store where we sold videos, this was regularly sold out and often on back order. I guess a lot of folks in suburban New Jersey were impressed by Dolph’s physique in Rocky IV and Showdown in Little Tokyo and wanted to be like Dolph.

I never watched the tape back then, but thanks to the miracle of the internet, I can watch it in its entirety online. The video is pure magic, especially the narration.

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