For 2014, HALLMARK brings a Retro Xmas in July.


Hallmark’s new “Holy Hit TV Show, Batman!” ornament seen above is just one of many retro TV & movie themed ornaments by Hallmark for the 2014 holiday season released this July. Others will become available in October but there are quite a few to get now for your decorating needs at the end of this year. Hallmark Keepsake Ornaments are well-made, quality miniatures with an attention paid to detail. Some Keepsake Ornaments even incorporate lights & audio elements. So here’s a retro-rundown of what Hallmark has to offer and, to help you out with all the Xmas in July shopping frenzy that you’re doing, just click on an ornament’s picture if you’re interested in hanging one in your home.

The “Holy Hit TV Show, Batman!” is Adam West’s portrayal in the ’66 TV series as seen on the near-iconic LIFE magazine cover. The Caped Crusader is now available to dangle from your Bat-Tree.


From a good guy to a bad guy, the Grinch by Dr. Suess is presented in two new ornaments for 2014. The first is “The Grinch In Disguise” which shows the nasty holiday thief practically emerging from the pages of a miniature version of the classic book.


The second ornament, “The Grinch’s Heart Grew Three Sizes”, comes with audio to help proclaim how the Grinch has a dramatic change of heart towards the holiday.

Retro movie-themed ornaments are aplenty from Hallmark for 2014. Here are the ones available since July.

“The Legendary Leg Lamp” from the movie, and now TV tradition, A CHRISTMAS STORY.


“Bumpuses!” with audio.

Quite a few Chevy Chase movie-related ornaments are in line for the season, like this one from NATIONAL LAMPOON’S CHRISTMAS VACATION which is quite possibly the most appropriate ornament to hang on any Christmas tree, “SQUIRREL!” (with really great audio)…

Chevy can also adorn your tree as Ty Webb from CADDYSHACK with the ornament “The Zen of Golf” which has really, really great audio…

And to round out the Chevy Xmas triumvirate is this one from NATIONAL LAMPOON’S VACATION, “Sorry Folks!”

For the fans of the classic film GONE WITH THE WIND, there are two new Keepsakes available now, “Scarlett’s White Dress”

scarletts-white-dress-310…and this nice piece, “GONE WITH THE WIND” which plays the music, “Tara’s Theme”.

Another classic, THE WIZARD OF OZ, has a new Hallmark ornament that not only plays sound but is also animated- Dorothy actually clicks the ruby slippers together three times- in “There’s No Place Like Home”.

A classic just as well, STAR WARS A NEW HOPE has a great set of ornaments this year from Hallmark. Here’s two which have great audio that goes with them.

“Sandcrawler” is perfect to add a little “utini!” to your tree.

Along with the traditional carols, why not put a little swing music from a wretched hive of scum and villainy in your Christmas this year with the “Cantina Band”.

Another new ornament can add a touch of “Duh, Duh. Duh-duh, Duh-duh” to your Christmas morning. It’s the “Great White Menace” and nothing can keep this Keepsake down, not even three barrels!

Lots more retro TV series-themed ornaments for 2014 as well. Here are some of July’s offerings:

Put some YEEE-HA! in the Yuletide with the “Jumpin’ General Lee”.


Your Christmas tree will be coolamundo this year with “Arthur ‘The Fonz’ Fonzarelli”.


Make sure to have enough eggnog for “The Brady Bunch” this season. This great retro-TV shaped ornament lights up the screen and plays the classic theme song.

TV’s classic STAR TREK TOS is represented this year by three new ornaments including, oh my, George Takei’s “Lieutenant Hikaru Sulu”,…


“Vina” as an Orion slave girl from the TOS pilot episode “The Cage” & later reused in the episodes “The Menagerie Pt 1&2″ (if they did her hair up she could’ve also been Marta the Orion slave girl portrayed by Yvonne “Batgirl” Craig in the ep “Whom Gods Destroy”),…


…and lastly, nothing says Christmas like Spock mind melding with an injured horta, than this well-named ornament “The Devil In The Dark” that comes with original audio from the TOS episode of the same name. I’ve already rushed out and got this ornament so that my Christmas tree can resound with the cry, “PAIN!”

Probably to counter the above, and to anticipate the popularity of the coming PEANUTS feature film, Hallmark has this lovely animated, musical PEANUTS Keepsake Ornament called “Hark! Music Fills The Air!” as well as a slew of other individual PEANUTS gang ornaments.

“Good Grief, Charlie Brown!”


“Winter Fun With Snoopy”


“Learning The Ropes!”


“Officer Snoopy”


“Snoopy’s Christmas Greeting!” with great audio.

Here’s one for those of you who like to mix your favorite holidays and have a little Halloween with your Christmas, “Hanging With Count Snoopy” which has spooky audio, Bach’s Toccata and Fugue in D Minor with Snoopy’s menacing laughter sprinkled in.

But if you prefer your Halloween without ‘NUTS then here is Jack Skellington in a new ornament with audio, “This Is Halloween”.

Getting back to actual Christmas-themed Christmas decorations, here are three new 2014 Keepsake Ornaments which, to me, truly express the magic and joy of the Holiday Season.


“Rudolph The Red-Nosed Reindeer” and Hermie the Elf (who wants to be a dentist) from the traditional holiday TV special are synonymous with Christmas. What could be more Christmas-y than the Rankin/Bass version of Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer?


Try “A Frosty Parade” featuring the Rankin/Bass version of Frosty the Snowman. But what could top even this for the true expression of the Holiday Spirit?

sloth-310 Yep, you guessed it, “Sloth” from THE GOONIES. No Christmas tree would be complete without him.

So there you have them, Hallmark’s Keepsake Ornaments July roster for 2014!

If you are like me then you’re probably seriously considering keeping a tree up all year-long to display these great ornaments every day. And my Christmas Wish for 2014 is that someone, somewhere, can make me a special Keepsake Ornament that mashes the JAWS shark with Chevy Chase from “SQUIRREL!” to make a Christmas-themed SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE Land Shark for my tree……with audio!

Remember, although it may be Christmas in July, there’s only 148 days until Christmas in December! So click those links above and get shopping!

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Retro Funny Atari Games that Never Were

Are you an Atari fan? Need a laugh? Enjoy these humorous Atari box art concepts by Cara Littley. They were supposed to be used as art for some t-shirts back in 2010, but sadly that never happened. Lucky for us Littley was nice enough to share the unused art on Behance.

I especially like Pie Chart the game…






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Be Street Retro Movies by Sosh

Be Street by Sosh

What happens when you mash together Back to the Future, Jurassic Park, Last Action Hero, The Warriors, Jumanji, Wayne’s World 2, Mars Attacks, Robocop and Gremlins 2? The answer can be seen above in the artwork for the Be Street Retro Movies tour by Sosh which is showcasing classic movies at theatres across France in October and November 2014. As well as the main poster, they also have some fantastic “Greetings from…” art for each of the films too…

Back to the Future
Gremlins 2

You can see more of the art at the Be Street website. You should also check out the posters for the 2013 tour here, which ran Ghostbusters 2, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, E.T. and The Goonies.

Oh, and if you like this sort of thing, you could follow my Movie Posters board over at Pinterest which has almost 4000 posters which you might enjoy!

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Batman/Joker 1989 Playing Card

I have been thinking a lot about the 1989 version of Batman lately and on a search I stumbled across this nice piece of fan art by Yehudi Mercado. It shows the 1989 version of Batman and the Joker as two halves of the same playing card.


[via] Yehudi Mercado

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Super Mario Stickers Sheet Poster

Are you a fan of Super Mario Bros’ stickers? That’s right, not the game, just the stickers? Well then have I found a treat for you. This wonderful poster by WilliamHenryDesign that shows a nice colorful sheet of untouched SMB stickers.

Now I suppose, you could be a fan of both stickers AND the game, but what are the odds of a person enjoying both of those things? One in a million, at least.


[via] Etsy

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USA for Africa’s “We Are the World”

There comes a time, when we heed a certain call…

Not only a fine singer and performer, both with the Commodores and with his solo career, Lionel Richie will forever be remembered for his involvement with USA for Africa’s 1985 song “We Are the World,” which he co-wrote with Michael Jackson.


Man, can I just say that in 1985 I was ALL about Africa? I mean, I had the white sweatshirt that Kenny Rogers and others are wearing in the video. I had a poster of the whole chorus of singers on my bedroom wall.
I had (still have) the 45 single. I FORGOT I had the 45 and eagerly purchased a second copy of it when I found it at the local Salvation Army.

Produced by Quincy Jones, the idea to record the song (and the entire album) stemmed from singer Harry Belafonte’s desire to record something that would benefit the nonprofit United Support of Artists for Africa, which focused its efforts on alleviating starvation in Africa. Kenny Rogers, who I previously talked about in regards to his work and friendship with Lionel, was also instrumental in bringing the project together; he helped to rally the efforts of other singers and also provided Jones and company the use of his Lion Share Recording Studio, although the main group recording of the seminal song would later take place at A&M Recording Studio in Los Angeles.


The single for “We Are the World” sold more than 20 million copies. You may be surprised to know that “We Are the World” actually came to fruition a year after the celebrity-heavy Band Aid song in the U.K. “Do They Know It’s Christmas?” I never realized that, I thought it was the other way around. Although, perhaps “…Christmas” just gained more prominence here in the States because of the success of the multi-artist “…World” recording. Or maybe I just have a crap memory!

Years later, while watching MTV’s Half-Hour Comedy Hour, comedian Kevin Meaney did a hilarious reinterpretation, karaoke-style, of the song. He really nails his imitations of some of the singers. While the below clip is not from the MTV show (based on the curtains, I think it’s from an ’80s episode of The Tonight Show), it still captures the fun. His karaoke starts at the 2 minute mark.

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Bill Cosby holding a TI-99/2

In the 1980s Bill Cosby was one of the more trusted celebrities in the United States and he put that to good use as the pitchman for an array of products. From New Coke, to Jello to Texas Instruments and beyond, Bill could sell just about anything. I have never read any of his books or a biography, but I wonder if had any sort of process for deciding what to endorse? Was he actually a computer user? Did he ever use a TI-99/2?


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