Saturday Frights: The Legacy of Sean Hartter

Ya know creeps, most of the times things are pretty rollickin’ down here in the good ol’ Vault. We like to have a good time as we party with the ghosts and ghouls that lurk on the silver screen, the blue light reflecting back to make us all look like the denizens of the realm beyond. But there’s also the presence of real spirits within these walls as well, the bittersweet remnants of those friends that left our realm for the next way before their time.
One such individual was the supremely talented Sean Hartter, a man the ol’ Ouija Board Kid was proud to call friend. Over the course of a few scant years we collaborated on all manner of aesthetic assaults on the senses of the good readers of this very site, and we had many more phantasmagorical delights planned before he stepped through the gossamer veil that separates this world from the land of eternal twilight.
But while Sean has been gone for almost a year, he lives eternal through every piece of incredible art that he left behind for us to enjoy. I can remember vividly each conversation we had as we created our pieces for The Retroist; the art itself serving as an indelible testament to our friendship.
So please, take a minute and enjoy the following examples of our collaboration, and feel free to share any stories or pieces of Sean’s work that you have enjoyed!






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Saturday Frights – Recorded Live (1975)

Saturday Frights - Sean Hartter
A couple of days ago I shared the 1982 horror short entitled “The Dummy” and it got friend to both Saturday Frights and the Retroist, Matt Lappie, thinking about another horror short from the early 70s involving a bunch of video tape that attacks a poor guy. Matt did all of the hard work and was kind enough to share the video link with us so you too can enjoy this imaginative film short entitled “Recorded Live”!

The short was directed and written by S.S. Wilson (Tremors, Short Circuit) and features John Goodwin (Critters, Men In Black) as the hapless young man who shows up for a job interview before having to fight for his life against a heaping pile of ravenous video tape. There is some very clever stop-motion work going on in this short and while some of it is played for laughs…there is a point where you can see why we kids that caught this on HBO “Short Takes” remember it.

[Via] Hardware Wars

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Marvel Two-In-One Featuring: The Thing…And Tron?!

Image courtesy of the Super-Team Family Blog.

Image courtesy of the Super-Team Family Blog.

I love the Thing. He is hands down one of my favorite Marvel Comics characters and has been since I read my first John Byrne issue of the Fantastic Four (#243), I mean what is there not to like about Benjamin J. Grimm or his rocky alter-ego The Thing?

So when the always impressive and often humorous Super-Team Family: The Lost Issues! offered this awesome team-up of the Thing trapped on the Grid of Tron I knew I had to share it with you all. I bet the Ever-Lovin’ Blue-Eyed Thing could do quite a bit of damage to that Recognizer and the MCP before Tron shows up!

I mean if he can survive all of Arcade’s deathtraps and robot versions of the Hulk in Murderworld surely he can survive the Grid, right?
The Thing #3 - Ben Grimm -

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The Houndcats: The Misbehavin’ Raven Mission (1972)

The Houndcats
Morning! While you wait for the rest of the family to wake up why not come join us here in the Retroist Vault for some classic Saturday morning animated fare from DePatie-Freleng Enterprises? Yep, the same company that brought us those wonderful Pink Panther shorts among many others!

The Houndcats aired on NBC back on September 9, 1972 and only ran for thirteen episodes. It’s a mash-up featuring everything from Mission Impossible, F-Troop, and the Wild Wild West. The Houndcats are a collection of western do-gooders led by Stutz (Michael Bell) who is a cat, Putty Puss (Joe Besser) also a cat and master of disguise, Ding Dong (Stu Gilliam) who is a dog and wears a Civil Wear Uniform, Rhubarb also (Daws Butler) a dog and inventor for the Houndcats, and Mussel Mutt (Aldo Ray) who is also a dog and the brute of the team.

We’ve saved you a spot here on the rug and even have some spare Boo Berry cereal, so pour yourself a bowl and let’s watch the Houndcats in “The Misbehavin’ Raven Mission”.

[Via] Bob Nelson

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The Radiophonic Workshop play Doctor Who Live!

Radiophonic Workshop

The BBC Radiophonic Workshop, as it was then known to me, holds a special place in my heart as it was they who introduced me to Doctor Who! I grew up with Doctor Who on the TV but, for some reason, I didn’t start watching the show properly until it was rebooted in 2005.

My first introduction to the show was actually thanks to a friend who loaned me a series of Doctor Who CD’s from the BBC. The music from the Radiophonic Workshop was compelling listening and I quickly purchased more of the same. Since that time I’ve been a huge fan of the theme tune to the show and its many soundtracks.

The BBC disbanded the Workshop in the 90′s but happily they have reformed without the broadcaster and they recently performed an epic rendition of the Who theme, Live at Chichester University in England.

There is a nice review of the entire set on the Telegraph website.

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Billy Ocean – When The Going Gets Tough, The Tough Get Going (1986)

Billy Ocean with backup singers Douglas, DeVito, and Turner.

Billy Ocean with backup singers Douglas, DeVito, and Turner.

In 1984 when Ray Parker Jr. released the music video for Ghostbusters, it was the first time in my youth that I could ever recall seeing TV and Film celebrities in a music video, and for some reason I became really captivated by those types of videos. Going Down to Liverpool, Dancing on the Ceiling, St. Elmo’s Fire, You Can Call Me Al, The Goonies ‘R’ Good Enough, and of course the music video for Jewel of the Nile by Billy Ocean to name just a few.

While I certainly like the song and I can even remember when I recorded it on VHS when it debuted on TBS’ Night Tracks…I always loved the addition of the Jewel of the Nile stars Kathleen Turner, Michael Douglas, and Danny DeVito in the video.

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Retroist Podcast – Episode 162 – Jewel of the Nile


On this week’s show I talk about the 1980?s romantic action adventure comedy sequel, Jewel of the Nile. I start out talking about how HBO could, through repeated showings, get me to like anything. Then talk about the writer, director, cast, plot and much much more. Vic Sage is back with a brand new “Why Should I Know This Person”. This week Vic talks about Holland Taylor.

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