“Video Games” By The Toons (1980s)

Video Games - The Toons
I stumbled across this music video from the early days of MTV this afternoon and thought it was the perfect song to listen to while heading to the arcade this weekend!

[Via] Xplaneparker

I had some great difficulty in trying to find some information about the band called the Toons or the exact year this video originally aired, though a few items pointed out they were contributors to the Doctor Demento show with “Looking At Girls” and the “Punk Polka”.

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The Flight of the Navigator Spaceship Supercut

Flight of the Navigator

There are many spaceships that I admire in popular culture. The Enterprise, the X-Wing, Starbug and the TARDIS are all up there, jostling for position, but I think at the top of the list for me has to be the chrome ship from Flight of the Navigator.

I remember the sense of awe I felt as the ship flew 20 miles up in an instant, and my jaw dropped to the ground as it came back again, before taking off horizontally. “Trimaxion Drone Ship”, as the ship referred to itself, was astonishing and the flight scenes throughout the film will live long in my memory.

If you’ve not seen the movie, you really owe it to yourself to track it down! It’s actually a great film and the special effects remain remarkably good for a film that is almost 30 years old.

If you’re interested, you might also enjoy the minimalist poster that I created recently for this film.

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Get your Class Ring AND a chance to win this Pontiac Trans Am

I did not get a class ring, but their was a lot of pressure to do so from the people at Jostens, who blanketed are school with marketing material. I just didn’t see the need for one that would justify the expense. Perhaps if Jostens had gone the Zales route and offered a sweet Trans Am as a possible prize for getting a ring, that would have changed things dramatically. I had not interest in non-Lord of the Rings related rings when I was in high school, but I was very interested in the Bandit in Smokey and the Bandit.


Note: I also would be happy to be Snowman from Smokey and the Bandit.

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Enjoy this Silent Footage from an early Star Trek Convention with Guest William Shatner


Be warned before watching this, the footage is completely silent. Still it is worth checking out for the shots of the convention floor at an early Trek event and especially for the parts featuring William Shatner. He is led rockstar-like to the stage and the silence forces you to really focus on his expression and the people around him.

I know I am reading into this, but I would say that he looks unhappy while he is almost being pushed through the crowds. At one point he gets bumped and it looks like he might snap, but once he gets to the stage he turns on that Shatner charm and ou don’t need to have sound to realize that he is owning the room.

I know this footage is labeled 1972, but I have not been able to confirm that as the exact year of the footage. I would have guessed it to be a little later since I had read about the 1972 Con in NYC and I don’t think Shatner was there (but I could be wrong).

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Late 1970s Fast Food Tower

I stumbled upon this little gem in an old magazine and I enjoy how honestly it portrays the food that I enjoy a little too often. How many food items can you identify in this photo?


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The Perfect Airline Spokesmen? Whitey Ford and Salvador Dali, of course.


The person who came up with this commercial concept was a genius. In a 1000 years, I do not think I would have ever put Whitey Ford and Salvador Dali together in an ad for an airline, but a brilliant person did just that in this TV spot for Braniff Airlines. Neither of them come across as “natural” in the ad and maybe that is the point of bringing Dali and Ford together for a “surreal” bit of advertising history.

Tell ‘em Dali baby!

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Behold The Power Of The Plazer Ray Gun! (1966)

Image courtesy of the RetroArtBlog.com

Image courtesy of the RetroArtBlog.com

Thanks to some photos posted by RetroArt over on his Facebook Page I was made aware of a futuristic ray gun toy called the Plazer Ray. While looking at that photo above I knew I would have to find out what it was all about. While I didn’t uncover any history beyond the fact that it seems to have been first advertised in a 1966 Montgomery Ward catalog and was made by the ‘Multiple Toymakers’ company, I did at least find this vintage TV commercial showing how the toy worked.

[Via] flerkinmax

Maybe RetroArt can give us the lowdown on this mighty toy weapon?

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