Batman Beyond VS Batman: The Animated Series In New 75th Anniversary Short!

Darwyn Cooke - Batman Beyond
When I first heard about a new animated series entitled ‘Batman Beyond’ I found myself having a knee-jerk reaction to the idea that there would be a new Batman and it wasn’t going to be Bruce Wayne. I didn’t like what I was hearing…not one bit.

Then at Comic-Con I saw this image from the series, Bruce with Ace the Bat-Hound.
Batman Beyond - Bruce Wayne

Suddenly I found myself getting very excited about the new show and I was happy to see how closely the series was tied to the original Batman: The Animated Series. To be fair I was a little surprised by how quickly I grew to like Terry McGinnis as the new Batman.

Well, now thanks to Darwyn Cooke (DC: The New Frontier) we have a new short celebrating Batman’s 75th Anniversary and this one pits Terry (Voiced by Will Friedle) and ‘Old’ Bruce (Voiced by Kevin Conroy) against…the Batman from the Fox Animated series. This premiered over the weekend at the WonderCon but thankfully Warner Bros. has released the short on Yahoo’s official YouTube page.

Darwyn Cooke by the way had a hand in designing the opening of the Batman Beyond TV show.

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Stay dry under your Bubble Umbrella

I live in Seattle now. A city that has a reputation for being rainy, but what you might not know, is that for some reason the use of umbrellas are frowned upon here. I have not gotten to the bottom of why yet, but I have been complying with the local customs. This is a real shame because I have been itching to break out my bubble umbrella and walk with impunity through the wettest of storms.

I have never figured out why these umbrellas are not more popular. They sit lower on you and block more rain. You can see through them. They are narrower so they take up less sidewalk space. In a few words, they are awesome! Ah the heck with it. Watch out Seattle, when the rains return, watch for me strutting my stuff in my bubble umbrella. I will look like a bigger version of this lucky kid.


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Thumbs Up for Atari’s Firefox

This pic comes from one of the later issues of Atari Age magazine in an article about the Laserdisc coin-op game Firefox which Atari released in 1984, two years after the movie it was based upon. It would be Atari’s only Laserdisc based game.

I kept waiting for it to appear in any of the arcades in my area, but sadly it never showed up. To this day, I have only seen footage of the game and have never played the real thing. I still have an outfit that looks exactly like this waiting to be worn the first time I play it.


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Mmmmmmm…Ribs in a Can!

I have never eaten ribs from a can, but I heard good things about them from my Father, who I think might have lived his entire life eating stuff from cans. Once he married my Mom, those cans went out the window, but that didn’t stop him from reminiscing about the good ol’ days of canned everything.


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The Magic Hands beckon to Shoppers Drug Mart


I have never been to Shoppers Drug Mart, but I loved commercials with disembodied magical limbs selling me on stuff. I cannot tell you how many Twizzlers I ate because of that magical mouth. If Shoppers Drug Mart had been in my area I am sure I would have brought them all of my drug shopping business. Mostly out of fear of the hands, those magical yet terrifying hands.

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Music to Eat Oscar Mayer Wieners By


Do you know the Oscar Mayer Wiener jingle? I am sure you do, but have you heard it in different styles? I thought not. This classic album will let you hear it the following music styles: Tijuana, Dixie, Bossa Nova (my favorite) and more! My family had this album and I am pretty sure I drove more than a few of them to madness playing it over and over again.

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Wes Copeland Scores Donkey Kong Kill Screen At The Arkadia Retrocade!

Arkadia Retrocade Logo
My biggest problem with my day job is that frequently I miss awesome stuff happening at the Arkadia Retrocade like this Donkey Kong Kill Screen by a young man named Wes Copeland. Wes was able to reach the Kill Screen on 4/19 during a nearly 2 hour run on the machine with an ending score of 908,700 points, thankfully though for us all, Mr. Copeland has a Twitch account and recorded the whole thing!

Watch live video from WesCopeland on TwitchTV

I also like how you can hear Shea Mathis and others at the end of run in total disbelief at what they just saw Wes pull off, plus the sunlight reveals a bit of the inside of the machine cabinet at the end of the video as well.

Obviously a big congrats is due to Wes Copeland and let us hope he’ll take a crack at some other machines at some point soon and maybe we can get him as a guest on the upcoming Arkadia Retrocade podcast?

donkey kong mario

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