Spare the Child - UPA

Toon In: UPA’s Spare The Child (1955)

We have a different animated short for your viewing pleasure this week, friends. 1955’s Spare the Child appears to be a cobbled together theatrical short… and it’s a little disturbing too.

Do You Remember SEGA’s Kid-Friendly Offerings?

SEGA of America’s attempts at keeping the Genesis alive by the mid-1990s (following the announcement in early 1995 that the Genesis would be discontinued) came on the heels of several different products. The SEGA Channel was offered beginning in 1994, but there were also two kid-friendly attempts to market the […]

Gremlins - Pixar - Christian Dan Bejarano Sanchez

What If Pixar Decided To Remake Gremlins?

There has been much talk about a sequel to Gremlins or just going with a reboot of the franchise. What if Pixar decide to do an animated feature film? This fan made teaser gives us a glimpse at how that might look!