Adventures In Babysitting - Wax Wrapper - Shawn Robare - Branded in the 80s

Ready For Those Adventures In Babysitting Trading Cards?

There are many films from the 80s for one reason or another that never had the opportunity to get their own card set, that is just a sad fact. Predator, Alien Nation, Night of the Creeps, and so many more. Which is why it’s great that talented people like Shawn Robare of Branded in the 80s is on the job and picking up that slack!

You might recall last September when he took it upon himself to craft a set of virtual cards for 1987’s The Monster Squad. Well, he has done it again but this time has set his sights on the Chris Columbus 1987 teenage adventure/comedy Adventures In Babysitting.

All images courtesy of Shawn Robare and Branded in the 80s.

All images courtesy of Shawn Robare and Branded in the 80s.

I saw Adventures in Babysitting along with my Cousin Brandon back in the day when it opened on July 1st, 1987. It was the perfect film for us with it’s mixture of teenage comedy and the threatening but almost comic book villains. This movie also made me fall head over heels for the beautiful Elisabeth Shue, a crush that I had for quite a few years.

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Adventures in Babysitting Trading Cards #9 - Shawn Robare - Branded in the 80s

I really want to give a big thanks to Shawn for letting me share these cards with you but make sure that you hop over to Branded in the 80s to see the whole set. The amount of detail and work that he has put into them is more than just a little awesome!

The Spirit Pencil Test

Check Out The 1980 Pencil Test For “The Spirit” Animated Film That Could Have Been!

Thanks to Daniel XIII, who was helping me move some crates that the Projectionist brought back with him from his trip to Haddonfield, we got to talking about the Will Eisner’s legendary sequential art icon The Spirit.

After we had securely stored the crates inside one of the vaults…I still think it sounded like something was whimpering inside one of them…Daniel XIII asked if I had ever had the pleasure of seeing the pencil-tests that were done for an abandoned 1980 animated feature film for The Spirit.

I believe the look on my face gave him all the answer he needed because before I knew it he had pulled up the test footage on his laptop. To say this is incredible is putting it mildly. This was uploaded by Steven Paul Leiva(Stay Tuned, Space Jam) on his YouTube Channel who not only tried to get the film made back in 1980 but was working with Gary Kurtz (Star Wars) and Brad Bird (The Iron Giant, The Incredibles)!

From his YouTube upload:
“In 2008 as Frank Miller’s live action feature film based on Will Eisner’s “The Spirit” was being released I wrote a piece for the Los Angeles Times on the time, back in 1980, when I became involved with Brad Bird and Gary Kurtz (producer of the first two “Star Wars” movies) in trying to get into production an animated feature based on “The Spirit”. I spoke of a pencil test “trailer” for the our proposed film that was made by Bird along with several classmates from Cal Arts, most of whom were working at Disney at the time. Quite a few people who read the article contacted me about seeing the film. I did have it on an old VHS, but it was deep in storage at the time plus as I did not really own the film, I told them they would have to look elsewhere to find a copy. Later, I found the VHS and put it aside. Recently Andrea Fiamma, an Italian journalist writing on the subject for the website Fumettologica,” asked again if the film could be seen. As it is a small piece of animation history, I’ve decided to post it here.”

Night Flight - Aeryk Pierson

Night Flight is Back!

Breaking News (as of April 16, 2015): Those of us who grew up with Night Flight have reason to run screaming into the streets like children jacked up on sugar and Christmas. Night Flight posted a video on their YouTube page titled Night Flight’s Back. It’s both wildly wonderful and deeply depressing.

Wildly wonderful because I can’t imagine what they come up with in this day and age. Deeply depressing because there is absolutely NO details about when, or where, we will see the new Night Flight goodness.

I will keep my vigilant watch and pass on any information as it becomes available. For now, here’s the teaser:

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HesWare pleases the Tough Customer

HesWare has some pretty decent games for your home computer, but this ad with its arcade imagery and ample neon really sells the games a bit too hard in my opinion. Sure RetroBall was fun and I really liked MazeMaster, but I am not sure they really invoked the arcade experience that is captured in this ad. I guess as a customer I am just a little too tough.


Enjoy this Spooky TV Commercial for CBC Nightfall Cassettes

Nightfall was a CBC radio drama series that ran on CBC Radio from July 1980 to June 1983. It focused mostly on the supernatural/horror subjects with the occasional detour into Sci-Fi and mystery. Unfortunately it was not in my listening range when I was growing up, but I have become acquainted with it recently and it is a great show to listen to when you need a good scare.

In the mid eighties they started to release the show on cassette and they used this wonderfully creepy commercial to sell them…

Want to give Nightfall a listen? Tune into any one of the episode from this player courtesy of the Internet Archive.


Remember Tinkerbell Toiletries and Cosmetics?

I was walking through a flea market last week when I saw a small container that had once contained a full set of Tinkerbell cosmetics for young kids. We had a very similar set on the bottom shelf of our bathroom cabinet for years when I was growing up. I guess it had been gifted to my sisters when they were young and for some reason they refused to throw it away even if they had no plan to use it.

With a name like Tinkerbell, I always thought it was related to Disney, or maybe it was sold at the parks, but Tinkerbell products were a thing unto itself. They were sold in drug stores and supermarkets for decades, making young make-up wearing kids happy and parents cringe.

They show up on eBay all the time and some of the older packaging is really interesting. So if you are looking for something new to collect, why not check out Tinkerbell.

Michael Jackson Jacket - Sears Wish Book 1984

Thanks to the 1984 Sears Wishbook You Could Have Dressed Like Michael Jackson!

I think it is safe to say that Michael Jackson was a pretty big deal back in 1984. I mean the release of his epic music video by John Landis on December 2, 1983 didn’t hurt things but the Thriller album was also inducted into the Guinness Book of World Records on February 7, 1984 as being the World’s best-selling album, so you can understand why Sears wanted to help those children that wanted to dress just like the King of Pop.

But it wasn’t just the signature red jacket that a kid could wish for in 1984, there was also the “Beat It” baseball shirt!

Michael Jackson - T Shirts
Michael Jackson B - Sears Wishbook 1984

A mere $34.99 for one of those awesome jackets? Sigh. If only I had a time machine. I don’t know about you but I can say that I saw more than a few people wearing those red jackets at my Junior High School back in the day.

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