President George H.W. Bush: The Research Paper

When I floated the idea of writing something about the late President George H.W. Bush as a tribute, I wanted to tell a more personal story. I’m not one to write about politics – it isn’t one of my favorite topics, plus I don’t like to stir up controversy and […]

Did you call the Corey Haim Hotline?

The eighties and nineties were a golden age for dial-in hotlines. Starting with 976 numbers and rolling into 1-900 numbers, the nations appetite for canned recordings could not be abated. I myself was a fan of these type of numbers. Calling them more than I would like to admit. Having […]

Holy Act of Congress, Batman!: Have You Seen This PSA?

I swore last week that I found the most bizarre Batman-themed commercial of them all…or at least, since that other bizarre commercial featuring Batman I saw on the Nostalgia Critic. And then I saw no one had written about it. Well, holy act of Congress, Retroist readers, I NEED to […]

Galaxy Of Adventures - Star Wars - Title

Get Ready For Star Wars Galaxy Of Adventures!

From the likes of Droids and Ewoks and of course The Clone Wars and Rebels and more – a new animated series – shorts in fact called Star Wars Galaxy of Adventures is set to debut on the 30th of November.