Bow Down to the “Quiz Wiz”

Jordan at UGO brought this up today and the memories all came flooding back. I was an obsessive fact reader as a kid and loved games and quizzes so I really wanted a “Quiz Wiz”. I never did get one, but I got a nice set of Funk & Wagnall Encyclopedia that served me all the way through High School.


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3 thoughts on “Bow Down to the “Quiz Wiz”

  1. Atari Adventure Square says:

    I still have the Quiz Whiz, along with a second question book.
    These were translated for my french-language region.
    Great family fun.

    Also had the grey Mego 1979 2-XL robot with its 8-track quiz tape.
    That was also fully frenchified, but I’d be curious to grab the original language tape.

  2. Hot Pink Nation says:

    Ah, Quiz Whiz. I remember it well.

    Had it and a few expansions. It was kind of a pain in the glutes.

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