Do you remember Aspen Soda?

Before Apple Slice, PepsiCo distributed another apple-flavored soda. It was called Aspen and it was available from 1978-1982. I do not have any memory of trying Aspen, but I have heard that it tasted a lot like Apple Slice, so I probably would have really enjoyed it.

In this ad, they seem to be playing on the imagery of “Aspen” as a cold place that serves up a cold apple soda pop. Maybe this is supposed to make Aspen seem sophisticated? It is definitely not aimed at a younger audience.

Did anyone out there get to taste Aspen? Did it taste like Apple Slice?


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One thought on “Do you remember Aspen Soda?

  1. QUE_NADA says:

    I don’t remember Aspen commercials or seeing it sold in the New York area. Perhaps it was marketed down south? Or west coast?

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