Orville Redenbacher Frozen Popcorn??


I eat a good amount of popcorn. Mostly I like to use air poppers when possible. I had one as a kid and I just like the sound and the smell of using one. Despite that, I am no stranger to microwave popcorn. I had no idea though that they sold Microwave Popcorn that you had to store in your freezer. I always accompanied my family food shopping and it was my job to help cut coupons every weekend and I seem to have completely blocked this product from my memory. So one of two things likely occurred.

Perhaps freezer popcorn didn’t last long and never made it to my area? I know that sounds pretty far-fetched. The more likely scenario is that I was deeply traumatized by walking into a freezer to find a grinning Redenbacher half-frozen and clutching a box of his ice-rimed microwave popcorn. His frosty grin emerging only in the shadowy recesses of the fitful dreams that are slowly driving me towards madness.

I wonder if it tasted different from non-freezer popcorn?



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