“Enquiring Minds Want To Know” With This 1983 National Enquirer TV Commercial Like…Dr. Beverly Crusher?!

Gates McFadden - National Enquirer
I can remember standing in line at the grocery store with my Grandparents while they did their weekly shopping and reading the headlines of the National Enquirer, my Grandfather and I kind of made a habit of trying to find the most humorous story on the front page and reading it out loud. I think one of my favorites was the announcement that a meteor fell from the sky to strike the Pope, it had a black and white image of a meteor and the Pope holding his head. Not sure why but it just made me giggle uncontrollably for days.

Since we never bought one…I guess we never learned for ourselves until now that even Dr. Beverly Crusher (Gates McFadden) read the National Enquirer…or at the very least appeared in one of their TV commercials!
[Via] Crommy 5


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3 thoughts on ““Enquiring Minds Want To Know” With This 1983 National Enquirer TV Commercial Like…Dr. Beverly Crusher?!

  1. I remember those commercials, but I didn’t know McFadden did one! So cool! My grandmother used to get the Enquirer, the Star and sometimes another one, I think the Globe? She called them “her papers”. Good memories.

  2. I remember the commercials well (though I never took notice of any specific people in them), and still often say “enquiring minds want to know”. We would get an enquirer once in a while, just for gits & shiggles. In the 90s I would often get a copy of star, because their crosswords were great.

  3. Are you sure the story about the meteor hitting the pope was from the National Enquirer? It sounds more like something that would have been in its sister tabloid, the Weekly World News.

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