Retroist Arcade Memories Podcast

Retroist Arcade Memories Podcast

Welcome to the Retroist Arcade Memories Podcast. On this week’s show I am joined by Rob O’Hara, Doug McCoy, Weird Paul Petroskey, Vic Sage, Zerb and Shelly, Vinvectrex, Paxton Holley and metagirl who all share their memories of the arcades of their youth. It was a fun show to put together and I would like to take a sec to properly thank all of them and point you towards some of their other works.

Check out Rob’s website at, there you will find a great podcast called Looking Back with Flack that is a must listen for nostalgia fans. Doug McCoy, who like Rob is a regular on the Retroist, also has website where you can check out his books or his Found Footage Film podcast. His website is Thanks to Lo-Fi musician and original Vlogger, Weird Paul for his segment. Do yourself a favor and check out his wonderful videos from the 1980s at his YouTube channel and learn all about him at his website, Zerb or as we like to call him, The Zerbinator has his own website, Zerbinator Land, which is filled with his creations. Stop by and check them out. Finally thanks to Paxton Holley from the Nerd Lunch and Cult Film Club Podcasts, you can find out all about Pax at his blog Cavalcade of Awesome.


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8 thoughts on “Retroist Arcade Memories Podcast

  1. ImperiumRex says:

    Hoover Putt Putt was the best. It’s the last arcade I remember being open. I think I went there until about ’96 or so.

  2. Atari Adventure Square says:

    This is awesome beyond words, guys.
    Soothes my gamer soul to take a ride back with friendly voices to those youthful explorer days, seeking and often finding bewitching bezeled constructs that pushed the limits of the new electronic frontier.

    The excitement of playing video games was grounded in the constant bewilderment of that promise of tomorrow – where we are today.

    It’s both so retro-cool and futuro-tastic to look at the progress in terms of virtual immersion through high-end graphics, instant global co-op play and exploration of ideas, unbound by yesterday’s high-production costs.

    Sure, it’s a work in progress.
    But hearing your stories of arcade days – while making me long for the gaming oasis of an arcade zone – reminds me of how great it is that the realm of Video Games never went away, it just grew and followed us into the future.

    Of course, I’ll still have to visit Vic’s arcade to get in touch with my true gamer self.
    Cuz some things, you don’t change.

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