Retroist – Bringing Yesterday into Today and Beyond by Sean Hartter

I received a real treat this weekend from Team Retroist member Sean Hartter. A vision of The Retroist as an anthology book. Sean has been doing some quality book pieces lately including a cover for Doug’s upcoming book, Arcadian.

I wonder what the stories in this book are like? Stories of growing up in the 1940s and 1950s? Discussions about finds on the local libraries microfiche? Well whatever is had in it, for 35 cents, it is a bargain I am sure.

Ahhh, to have such a history. Thanks Sean.

[via] Sean Hartter


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11 thoughts on “Retroist – Bringing Yesterday into Today and Beyond by Sean Hartter

  1. Thanks Doug! You gave me a bug doing that book cover, I did one for a book cover jam at Warren Ellis’ boards and one for promotion for the film Murder University. Too much fun. I’m really really proud of how yours came out and I hope you sell a ton of them!

  2. Wow, Sean…as always your artwork is a high point of my day! I wish this copy of the Retroist was sitting on my shelf right this minute! :)

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