Mickey Mouse Fun Castle Roller Coaster

This one toy store in my family’s favorite mall would setup elaborate toys on a table in the entrance. They were often the toys with the most movement, that made a certain amount of noise. They acted like a siren’s song to children and I was hardly immune. As we approached the store, I would immediately detach from my family and stare wide eyed at the clattering contraptions and wait impatiently for a turn at the remote controlled car.

The Mickey Mouse Fun Castle Roller Coaster was a highlight for me. It was constantly in motion and had Disney characters, two things I could not resist. I would just stand at the table next to it and stare or poke at it — Slowing down a character or changing the order in which they rode. It was love at first sight and my family realized it, because for Christmas not too long after discovering it, this was under our tree. I would run it non-stop, burning through batteries every few days after falling asleep with it on. This behavior was frowned upon, but indulged.

About a year later I had forgotten the coaster was on the floor by my bed and when I hopped out I stepped right on it and fell. I got scratched up pretty badly in the fall and sadly, the coaster did not survive in a usable state. I would keep the cars though and they would act as a reminder of the great fun I had with my Mickey Mouse Fun Castle Roller Coaster.


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