Teem Soda was Delicious

When I was a kid and was not feeling well, my mother would ply me with lemon lime soda. I am not sure why, but it always made me feel better and did not have any caffeine that would keep me awake. Even now when I don’t feel good, I start thinking about that sweet Lemon Lime taste of sodas like 7 up, Bubble Up and my favorite at the time Teem. Teem was a lemon-lime-flavored soft drink produced by The Pepsi-Cola Company, introduced in 1964, it was Pepsi’s answer to 7 Up. Teem was largely replaced by Slice in the mid 1980s, but lingered into the 1990s in some markets. Now Teem only lives on in memories and classic ads and commercials that you can find online. For example this ad and many like it can be found at The Museum of Beverage Containers and Advertising.

teem ad


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