Bamm-Bamm Fruity Pebbles


Just when you think that the world of Fruity Pebbles has stabilized the good people at Post like to rock the boat and introduce a new variant. The new Bamm-Bamm Berry Pebbles are not as exciting as Fiesta Pebbles, but boy are they colorful.


Pretty nice huh? Although the composition on the box doesn’t make much sense. I can guess why Bamm Bamm is banging the bowl — he is pounding berry flavor into it. But why is Barney chasing the pebbles with a net? I know Barney was never that smart, but wouldn’t it make more sense to turn the net around and catch them as they fall? Unless of course he is “pouring” them out of the net. Wow that makes absolutely no sense either. I will just chalk this up to Barney being an idiot with the soul of a poet.

Watch the idiot
prance happily through the dell
pebbles in his net

Of course if they aren’t offering a premium you can always count on the Pebble’s cereals to have some fun games on the back of the box. They throw in a couple of mazes and some trivia plus a rare appearance by Pebbles. Weird they have Wilma, but no Betty, you would figure she would be nervous about leaving her son in the care of Man-child Barney.



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