Anyone else miss Cherry Cola Slice?


Like many people who were alive in the 1980s, I went through a “Slice” drinking phase. Since Slice replaced, Teem, which I enjoyed, the move was a natural. But my drinking of it didn’t heat up until they started selling Mandarin Orange Slice. Then when Coca-Cola started selling Cherry Coke, Slice fired back with a Cherry Cola Slice, which for some really spoke to my soda sensibilities (maybe the 10% fruit juice). Sadly it only lasted 2 years before it was replaced with Wild Cherry Pepsi.

Yes, it made its mark on me and I keep hoping to see it in stores again in some formulation.

Did anyone else enjoy Cherry Cola Slice?


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4 thoughts on “Anyone else miss Cherry Cola Slice?

  1. bigox737 says:

    I don’t remember Cherry Cola Slice, but I do remember regular Slice. I loved that soda.

  2. paul says:

    YES!! I remember Cherry Cola Slice. And, I really miss it.

    It was my favorite beverage ever. When it was discontinued, there was no notice, it just suddenly was gone. I wish I could have stocked up on it and weened myself from it slowly.

    I spotted a single can of Cherry Cola Slice at a rundown gas station once and bought it. I cracked it open and it tasted as though it had been hand crafted by angels. I had a feeling it would be my last ever taste of Cherry Cola Slice, and it was.

    I wish I could find some and share it with my wife. I talk about it all the time but she doesn’t remember it.

    Pepsi- PLEASE bring back Cherry Cola Slice!

  3. PJD says:

    To Paul; I have two unopened 16 oz. glass bottles of Cherry Cola Slice in perfect condition.

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