7-Up Feels So Good Comin’ Down


I am an occasional drinker of 7-Up, but I would not describe myself as a raving fan. Most of my youthful experience drinking it were when I was not feeling well (and they stopped carrying Bubble Up in our area). Because I am not a strict drinker of the lemon/lime soda, I have really appreciate an ad that I remember for it. This ad campaign, from the mid-1980s, did not run for very long and is not as quotable as some earlier 7-Up ads, but it etched pretty well into my memory. I guess that is a testament to the ad people at Leo Burnett who came up with it.

Did you ever notice how many “let’s stay cool” moments in advertising take place on fire escapes in the 1980s? I wonder if that is why I have so many positive associations with fire escapes? They are cool looking, but they must be a logistic nightmare to film on.


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4 thoughts on “7-Up Feels So Good Comin’ Down

  1. 7-Up not only made it rain but transported them off the fire escape and out of the city. It also changed their clothes. What a drink!

  2. It is a lemon/lime soda a lot like 7-Up (I think it is actually older than 7-up). They used to sell it in my area when I was a kid. They still make it nowadays, but I have not had it since I was young.

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