Remember McDonald’s Onion Nuggets?


I do not remember McDonald’s Onion Nuggets, but members of my family were big onion ring fans. So much so that they would only go to fast food places that had Onion Rings when I was a kid. They would speak of a time when McDonald’s sold these magical bite size onion treats at dinner time and how sad they were to see them go. I myself am a “Fry Guy”, but I would really love to know what these Onion Nuggets tasted like. Perhaps as a side with my Limited Edition McRib?

[via] Bring Back McDonald’s Onion Nuggets


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7 thoughts on “Remember McDonald’s Onion Nuggets?

  1. blinddog says:

    I don’t remember these either but being a onion ring fan I think they sure sound good. I’d order them if they were to bring them back.

  2. Badwolf says:

    McDonald’s has had PLENTY of different things around the globe, some of which NEVER appeared in the US market. I don’t remember these.

  3. Brian says:

    Yes, adding to Badwolf’s comment, McDonald’s will test different things in different markets. Some catch on and some don’t and some things are offered in some markets but never in others. I had never heard of these either. BK has had onion rings as long as I can remember but I’ve never seen McD’s with any deep-fried onion bites/rings/nuggets

  4. twilitezoner says:

    In the summer of 82 or 83 the McDonalds in Montgomeryville Mall in the Philly suburbs was testing McPizza.

  5. Brian says:

    twilitezoner – I’ve seen McPizza around here and there in my travels but probably not since the 90’s and I don’ think I’ve ever seen it in SE/E PA but I seem to recall seeing in it in the western part of PA (or maybe it was the Wheeling WV area) in the early 90’s.

  6. These were actually what lead McDonalds to make the first Chicken McNuggets. They found that around the world, there were many types and variation of onions, and the onion nuggets in the US might taste different then the onion nuggets in Japan. And the first rule of Fast food is consistency. A Big Mac in the US should taste like a Big Mac in China. So someone at McDonalds came up with the idea to use chicken instead of onions. The McNugget was born.

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