Chocolate Peppermint Pop Tarts


I was thinking about what would be the perfect Pop Tart to eat during the holiday season. My mind instantly went back to a pop tart that they discontinued a few years ago, the Mint Chocolate Pop Tarts. I thought I would do a post on them, but when I did a search to find some visual proof of the minty tarts, I found this ad posted by Plaidman, from 1975. it features a pop tart type I never got to try, the holiday appropriate Chocolate Peppermint Pop Tart.

3 Responses to Chocolate Peppermint Pop Tarts

  1. This flavor just sounds wrong.

  2. Judo says:

    Loved these as I kid. I was in 5th grade. I was beginning to think I imagined them.

  3. Terry Cook says:

    I loved the chocolate peppermint pop tarts and I wish they would bring them back.

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