The Retroist on G4TV – Cyclon Love Songs is #1 on “Around the Net”


I am pretty sure they picked it as #1 so they could do their skit about the Cyclon Dating Game, bug I don’t care. I am very happy to get a mention on the show. Here is the dating game they ran after mention of the song.

Here is the song they played…


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5 thoughts on “The Retroist on G4TV – Cyclon Love Songs is #1 on “Around the Net”

  1. I wasn’t sure if they were definitely referring to you or not but that’s freaking AWESOME. I’m not sure about any of what you guys are talking about but I LOVE AOTS…I watch it everyday. Awesome to get props from them!

  2. Thanks guys – It wasn’t a mention of the podcast, but I will take it. I have gotten a few dozen emails already asking for the “full” album. I will have to see what I can do about that.

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