Does Wile E. Coyote Ever Catch the Roadrunner?

The answer is yes! He caught him in the 1980 Chuck Jones produced special, “Bugs Bunny’s Bustin’ Out All Over” in a segment called “Soup or Sonic”. Of course just because the Coyote catches his avian nemesis doesn’t mean he got a meal. Instead the physics gods who rule the Looney Tunes Universe have their way with him.

It is a tragic turn that you should really see for yourself.


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7 thoughts on “Does Wile E. Coyote Ever Catch the Roadrunner?

  1. Quentin says:

    He also had that scrawny $#%@^ by the tail feathers once. The feathers broke off and Wile E. found himself facing yet another cliff plunge. He furiously flapped the feathers and managed to stay aloft for a few seconds, but ultimately fell

  2. Kristi Gould says:

    I know the road runner was caught at least twice. The one mentioned and one time when Wile E. was about ankle high to the road runner.

  3. Fart says:

    My favorite Wily moment was in “Zoom & Bored,” where one of the coyote’s contraptions goes awry (as usual) and sends him on a wild goose (not Road Runner) chase, up down and all around, through walls and rocks and pipes and what-not, nowhere near his prey. At the end, he’s on a cliff (as usual), black & blue all over and about ready to cry, and you just know RR is going to meep him right off. Instead, he holds up a sign that says “I don’t have the heart” and gives Mr. Coyote a break and runs off. A rare touching moment in Loony Toons history.

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