11 thoughts on “Because

  1. Sawyer M. Paine says:

    I was very moved by this, sir. I could relate wonderfully (and somewhat agonizingly, as I’ve been there too). Bravo.

  2. Sherriellen Theilheimer says:

    A universal feeling for sure…to suffer, to hurt, to be frustrated & to always know LOVE heals all….

  3. This 3 line poem means more if you repeat it verbally and reflect on its truth
    and the personal implications it has for yourself. this is not always pleasant though the realization that you have these values and can openly give yourself permission to feel them and what that means — that you have humanity and can be appreciative of life’s positive aspects and enjoy them and its negative aspects and learn from them. the simplicity of the idea sears through the complexities of false inhumanities denying pleasure or acknowledging pain. timeless, ageless, understandable. wonderful.

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