10 thoughts on “A silence with you

  1. Sherriellen Theilheimer says:

    Shalom Leonard: What a delightful poem…remind me of my Dear Father. We would sit together in silence & just “be”. Your poem reminds of what we shared….
    I remember when you worte poems for Blue Mountain Cards years ago….I used to buy them & send them to friends….no one knew up here in Canada you were a poet…you are my favorite….I aspire to write like you. Be well…live long & prosper (you knew it was coming). Sincerely Sherriellen T.

  2. Teri Elton Bechetoille says:

    It took me a very long time to love the silence with another. Thank you for the poem.
    Sincerely, Teri

  3. Jessica W says:

    Shalom: Mr. Nimoy has wonderful poetry. Deep and simple. those of the people who are writing trash about his poems must relize it is a matter of taste. if you don’t like it to bad, it’s still out there. you can’t change other peoples mind, so if you don’t mind, shut your trap and let the people who like these poems enjoy them. Thank you.

    P.S Spock is awesome

  4. MarkW says:

    Shalom is a greeting. A peaceful sentiment.

    I like how Spock has avoided the temptation to disappear up his own rear end and write pure cobblers. Most logical.
    If he wrote 361 more they’d make a great set of daily inspiration cards for Christmas presents.

  5. Yes, and…..
    Leonard, words are sacred.
    You start and end with the narrowest of charms.

    For example.

    A silence with you

    A silence with you
    Is not
    a silence

    But a moment rich
    with peace

    It stirs into the deepest recess of me,
    Silencing the noise within,
    It is you.
    You make me quiet,
    and fill me again

  6. You see,
    it needs balancing.
    the only element you left out
    was painful honest submission of your feelings.

    Not surprised after aeons of being a sitcom puppet,
    Beautiful man, may you find your swan song.

  7. Susan says:

    I discovered this website today. I have loved your poetry for years. Your words are few but full of meaning and touching. I bought Warmed by Love years ago for a friend years ago. I recently tried to find a copy for myself and was told thaf it is out of print. Do you have any poetry currently in print? I have been a fan since the early Star Trek days. You are amazingly talented!

  8. Krissy says:

    I read your poetry many years ago and found them so inspirational! Thankyou
    The poems I have just now are just the same

  9. Blue says:

    I absolutely adore this poem. It’s easily one of my all time favorites.
    A lot of people here seem to think it needs more, but I think they’re critiquing the poem they would have written, the story they would have told, not that which Nimoy has done.
    The poem is supposed to be simple and short. It’s about being comfortable with that, being comfortable with silence, empty space; not finding lacking in it, or something daunting hiding inside, but a fullness, a contentedness in it, and sharing that with someone. It’s not being scared of the quiet moments with others, when they seem to pull away from you, off into their own world, the world you will never really even get to imagine, but instead finding comfort in the presence of their being. But he managed to say all that and more in 14 words. It’s wonderful:]

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