The Poetry of Leonard Nimoy

This small site is dedicated to poetry of the very talented Leonard Nimoy. Mr. Nimoy is one of those rare talents who can excel in multiple fields. He is an actor, singer, poet and photographer. I guess in a single word he is an “Artist”.

If you have not been exposed to his poetry you are in for a treat. Now this is only a sampling of his work. But if you like it, check out your public library or local independent bookseller and see if they can’t wrangle you up a copy. If you are interested in learning more about Leonard — please check out the Retroist Leonard Nimoy podcast by clicking play on the player below.

Now enjoy a selection of poems.

Thank You For A World Of Kindness
You Fill Me With Your Love
A silence with you

24 thoughts on “The Poetry of Leonard Nimoy

  1. Alyssa says:

    This man sucks. His poetry is awful and he should stick to acting, though he’s not very good at it. I wrote better poetry than this when I was in the fifth grade, and that’s when I first started writing poetry. His poems all look the same. Some could call him a creature of habit because of the way he writes, but only if that habit is ased in the religion of Awful. These were horrible poems and a waste of my time, I’ll never get those five minutes back.

  2. Jack says:

    Though the poetry of Mr. Nimoy is very different stylistically from what I generally read, it has most definitely found a place in my affections. It is odd to say but the gentle patience and warmth of his verse are exactly what I expected. It communicates the quality of his soul and the breadth of his love in unquestionable terms. To the reviewer Alyssa, I submit that although your own work may contain greater complexity of metre and composition it lacks a depth of sentiment that is perhaps beyond your comprehension. Though simplistic on the surface, these pieces exhude such compassion and powerful love, both between individuals and to humanity as a whole. The words and their syllables can scarce contain what it is Mr. Nimoy seeks to express. The meaning vibrates out of the words, take it in.

  3. raina says:

    Dear Mr. Nimoy,

    I love your writing and your music.. You speak to my soul. I feel so alive and connected when I read your words.. Thank you for sharing your wonderful gift.

  4. Kristeen says:

    When I was little my Dad gave me a painting that has “I am still a child” poem. Is it something you actually painted? It was dated from 1981. I am just curious! Thank You.

  5. M A Tierney says:

    Leonard Nimoy and his very, powerfull acting roll in Star trek Six, could only be done by him. As he fit the part very well. A well made movie. As he acted also in the Wrath off Khan. Two .off my favourite movies. MARK

  6. jon nulove says:

    It’s just terrible terrible poetry. So bad it’s almost good. If anyone thinks this is good poetry then they are illiterate. Sorry Mr. Spok, but leave the versifying to those who have actually learned and worked hard at their craft.

  7. Anette Davis says:

    Its a shame that some people just don’t get it. I received my first book of Mr. Nimoy’s poetry on my 18th birthday & I have carried it with me throughout my life. It has always been one of my most cherished posessions. Every word, every line, of every poem, has made me feel as if he looked into the depths of my soul & found “my secret self”. Bravo!

  8. Luciene says:

    Amo Leonard Nimoy. Eu o comparo a um Leonardo da Vinci, pois é um artista completo. Acho um absurdo as pessoas escrevem coisas desrespeitosas sobre ele. Todos temos preferências, gostos diferentes, mas isto não dá o direito de ser mal educado e grosseiro.

  9. The hateful comments left by some bring tears to my eyes. I’ve read more than my share of poems, and I know bad poetry when I see it. This is not it. Leonard Nimoy’s poem are loving and peaceful. If you’d just relax and picture his utopia you could enjoy his words.
    Nimoy is such a talented person and deserves appreciation.
    Live Long and Prosper
    xo Ashly Flora ox

  10. Jil clark says:

    My dad had many of his books. Loving to read poetry, fell in love….instantly. To this day, I love reading every poem over & over & am thankful for you, Leonard.

  11. Celina says:

    Dear Mr. Nimoy,
    I have forever been in love with you and your works both as an artist and an actor. Your poetry is and beautiful, your photography mystifying and unique, i will always aspire to be like you, and have a major crush. Your love poems are just that, strait from the heart, open and honest. I apologize for all the rude comments about your fabulous works and brilliant acting.( I love u Spock!) It would be lovely to hear from you. ( I have sent you a letter, though i fear you have not received it), you inspire me and I hope to be one tenth as good as you are in my writing and photography. Yours truly, Celina

  12. Jessica W says:

    Shalom: Mr. Nimoy has wonderful poetry. Deep and simple. those of the people who are writing trash about his poems must relize it is a matter of taste. if you don’t like it to bad, it’s still out there. you can’t change other peoples mind, so if you don’t mind, shut your trap and let the people who like these poems enjoy them. Thank you.

    P.S Spock is awesome, S-P-O-C-K is how you spell Spock not S-p-o-k.

  13. MJ Galloway says:

    I have not read much of Leonard Nimoy’s poetry, but I was caught off guard by the poems I did read. Yes, I can see why people get the idea that these are cookie cutter poems, and my initial reaction was to agree with them. However, there is something about the lyrics that made me change my mind. I find myself overcome with a much different calmness, or inner peace if you will, that I’m not sure I have ever experienced through poetry before. I believe that part of the reason for this is that I can hear his voice when I read the lyrics. Simple as they are, I have come to sincerely enjoy these works. Thank you for posting them.

  14. sylvie says:

    shalom Mr Nimoy
    I love your poetry. the words you use are wonderful ,they are deep and simple
    maybe too complicate for for persons who don’t understand ….don’t stop to made others they are marvelous.
    it’s coming from the bottom of your heart.

  15. Rebecca says:

    Leonard Nimoy is a great man and I wish him nothing but the best in his life and all of his success. I wish I could meet him in person, but I am just glad to hear that he is doing ok.

  16. Debby Norman says:

    It’s not poetry at all. It’s prose set to verse. It’s always sad when people who succeed in one field start thinking they are great at everything. There’s nothing wrong with his sentiments. If he’d written them as prose they’d be Ok, although hardly original. But no, he has to be a poet. The same criticism applies to his awful singing and his photos of naked women, also presented as art.

  17. scribbler says:

    I had no idea that Mr. Nimoy wrote poetry until reading of his death. I guess we’re all more than any one thing. So i came here and elsewhere to sample his poems to see if he was any good. (Not that I’m an arbiter of what constitutes good and bad lol).
    Now I’ve read a Lot of poetry and written over 700 poems myself. I’ve been published in 4 anthologies and one E-book. I’ve taught workshops (nontechnical in nature) on poetry.

    I found that if one just quickly dashes through Mr. Nimoy’s poetry they Do come off as not too good. But then if one takes time to think while reading the profound nature of them emerges as if from a deep mist.

    To those who attack his poems, nobody ever gains by petulantly tearing others down. His style might not be your preferred style. It’s not mine either. But as far as brevity in free verse it’s not only much more than chopped prose, it’s much better than most of the free verse being written today……….stan

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