Tom Whalen Versus Dave Perillo - Stephen King's It - Gallery 1988

Tom Whalen Versus Dave Perillo At Gallery 1988!

You read that heading correctly, friends. It’s going to be Tom Whalen Versus Dave Perillo at the Gallery 1988 on June 8th. Or at the very least the two talented artists will have their artwork featured in a special exhibit entitled Versus. We have never been shy with sharing our appreciated of the artwork of Tom Whalen. Whether that be the artist’s renditions of the villainous Soundwave. The Great Pumpkin as well as Who Framed Roger Rabbit? and more. Dave Perillo is no stranger to being featured on the Retroist either. But when Tom Whalen Versus Dave Perillo…all fans of pop culture win!

I want to thank Germain Lussier of io9 for the heads up on the art show in the first place. It turns out that Gallery 1988 will be selling 47 sets of artwork during the show. Each of course in sets of two with a hero and villain getting the spotlight. Hence the reason for the exhibit being called Versus. 28 of those sets will feature artwork by Dave Perillo with 19 by Whalen.

I am certain you might be wondering what kind of pop culture will be on display and for sale. Well, how about Perillo’s take on Stripe and Gizmo from 1984’s Gremlins?

Tom Whalen Versus Dave Perillo - Gremlins - Gallery 1988

All images are courtesy of Gallery 1988.

Or perhaps you might prefer Whalen’s face off featuring Doctor Who and a Dalek?
Tom Whalen Versus Dave Perillo - Doctor Who - Gallery 1988

On the other hand you might go for Perillo’s Metroid with Samus Aran versus Mother Brain instead!
Tom Whalen Versus Dave Perillo - Metroid - Gallery 1988

I realize of course if instead you feel in a more groovy mood and decide that you can’t live without Tom Whalen’s Ash Williams and Evil Ash from Army of Darkness!
Tom Whalen Versus Dave Perillo - Gallery 1988 - Army of Darkness

Please hop over to the Gallery 1988 official site to learn more about the show on Friday. As well as picking up some beautiful artwork from their shop too.

While not part of the Tom Whalen Versus Dave Perillo exhibit. Take the time to check out this 2015 exhibit at Gallery 1988 for Guillermo Del Toro!

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Killer Klowns - John Massari - Varese Sarabande

Killer Klowns From Outer Space: Reimagined!

Holy cow, friends! I was working down here in the Retroist Vault this morning when we got in this bit of exciting news. Varese Sarabande has totally released the digital soundtrack for John Massari’s Killer Klowns from Outer Space: Reimagined today. There will be a physical CD released next week on May 25th. Furthermore Killer Klowns from Outer Space: Reimagined features a brand new version of the theme song from the film. Performed of course by the Dickies!

[Via] Back O Beyond

Much like Albert Pyun’s Radioactive Dreams, I first discovered Killer Klowns from Outer Space on VHS. The Chiodo Brothers released their cult classic while I was still in High School. I was in computer science class and the description of the film from a fellow student, forced me to rent it that very evening after class. In no way was I disappointed by Killer Klowns from Outer Space, indeed it became one of my favorite films.

Obviously what the Chiodo Brothers pulled off, it’s similar to 1984’s Gremlins. You are certainly a little creeped out by the alien clowns in the film but you are laughing too. Of course what do you expect from the same three brothers who worked on the likes of Pee-Wee’s Big Adventure as well as the Critters series?

Killer Klowns from Outer Space: Reimagined is being released at the perfect time. As May 27th in fact is the 30th anniversary of the cult classic film. The new soundtrack of course features the fantastic score by John Massari. However this time he is also being backed up by the 30-piece Hollywood Chamber Orchestra.

Did I forget to mention that Bear McCreary also is featured on the new album? Yeah, he sits in and plays both accordion and the hurdy-gurdy. The very same McCreary of Battlestar Galactica, God of War, as well as Outlander fame.

Let me be clear, the synth score for the original motion picture was great. Backed up with a full orchestra however and it has become absolutely epic. John Massari is no stranger to scoring for films and television either. In fact he got his start working on the likes of Little House on the Prairie, I, Madman, and 1986’s The New Adventures of Jonny Quest!

[Via] Varese Sarabande Records

The film most assuredly contains elements of madcap comedy. However, it is still very much a horror film beneath those bright colors and bizarre situations. The same rings true with Massari’s score, there are jovial elements in it but they are darkly twisted. The soundtrack knows it is intended for a horror film. That I believe is one of the reasons that it is so remarkable, friends.
Killer Klowns - Officer Down

With the track Killer Klown March you have a toe-tapping calliope styled main melody. Which weaves itself in and out of other tracks throughout the score. The score is proudly ‘metal’, however there are softer elements in the score too. Overall the composer while sticking to a horror feel – still successfully injects fun into it.
Killer Klowns - Reimagined Score

You can hop on over to the official Varese Sarabande site to pre-order your CD now. The digital version of the score should be available there too as well as iTunes, etc.

Now then, with the 30th anniversary of the film just around the bend. There is one other super special event taking place besides the Killer Klowns from Outer Space: Reimagined release.

How would you like to see a live concert to film presentation of the movie?

Gremlins Arcade Game - Atarigames.Com

Check Out 1985’s Unreleased Gremlins Arcade Game!

For those of you that listened to the Crystal Castles episode of the Diary of an Arcade Employee podcast in March. You will recall I was going to share with you, actual proof that Atari was working on a Gremlins arcade game! I said of course that I was going to include a link to the video but in all honesty, I forgot. So naturally I felt it was time to make a post about it. Because it certainly looks like the Gremlins arcade game would have been a blast to play!

There isn’t actually a whole lot of information to go on. However, here is what we do know. The game was being developed by Atari in 1985. With Franz Lanzinger of Crystal Castles, Millipede, and Toobin’ (NES port) fame in charge of development.

[Via] NES Guide

Only a prototype exists for the Gremlins arcade game. Other classic arcade sites have mentioned it isn’t even known if the video represents an actual physical prototype. Quite possibly of course, the gameplay we see is merely from the ROM file. Thanks to – which seems to be down at the moment, we do have some neat artwork. Artwork I might add from what could have been the marquee for the game itself. Back in 1985 that would totally have drawn me to the cabinet like a siren’s song!
Gremlins Arcade Game - Arcade Cabinet - Atarigames.Com

Naturally we do not know why Atari decided to pull the plug. As you will see in the video below, it looks like the game was pretty much complete. Obviously in 1985, the legendary company was suffering from the Video Game Crash of ’83. So even though a year previously, Gremlins was tearing up the box office… perhaps the company felt it better to just pull the plug?

In the Gremlins arcade game, there are three separate levels. With the first level representing Lynn Peltzer’s valiant attempt at defending her kitchen. By way of what appears to be an endless supply of kitchen knives to hurl at her attackers!
Gremlins Arcade Game - Stage 1

In the next screen, you are playing Billy Peltzer, attempting to traverse the streets of Kingston Falls. Obviously being assaulted by the toothy little Gremlins, using a flashlight to ‘melt’ them. I would assume the arcade game was designed with twin joysticks or perhaps you would become stationary when holding down the flashlight button?
Gremlins Arcade Game - Stage 2

Last but not least, the third level would have let you play Gizmo. Driving in your Barbie Car through the aisles of Montgomery Ward, avoiding obstacles and a tank in hot pursuit. I am willing to bet that in the game it is supposed to be Stripe chasing you in that toy tank.
Gremlins Arcade Game - Stage 3

One more thing to pay attention to while watching the video. How incredible the music is that Franz Lanzinger used in the game. It is quite frankly portions of the actual Gremlins soundtrack from the 1984 film by Jerry Goldsmith.

Now then, you know a little about the Gremlins arcade game. So why not watch it in action?

[via] Frank Cifaldi

You probably have Gremlins on your mind now, right? I think this would certainly be the time to revisit the Retroist Podcast on the 1984 film!
Retroist Gremlins Podcast

Diary of An Arcade Employee-Ep-27-Crystal-Castles

Diary Of An Arcade Employee Podcast 027 (Crystal Castles)

Welcome back, friends. To the latest episode of the Diary of an Arcade Employee Podcast. This go around I discuss the 1983 classic arcade game, Crystal Castles. Produced of course by Atari, this maze game is certainly one of my favorites. In addition Crystal Castles as you will hear, happens to have been an arcade title that caused me physical pain!
Crysal Castles - Trakball

Crystal Castles - Arcade Marquee
In this episode I of course discuss the notable employees of Atari that created Crystal Castles. As well as giving you the general rundown on the gameplay and interesting tidbits of information about this classic maze game.

Of course I also share some vintage audio related to Crystal Castles for your enjoyment. Moreover I share an exciting bit of news in regards to a game that Atari was working on at the time. But sadly, never released – due to the Video Game crash of 1983. I am pretty sure that like myself you will be blown away by that lost arcade title.
Crystal Castles - Gremlins

Now I would be remiss in my duties if I failed to mention that Christopher Tupa has created some fantastic artwork for Crystal Castles. Make sure to follow that link provided to learn how you can obtain this piece of artwork for yourself!
Crystal Castles - Christopher Tupa

If you have any suggestions for future games to cover or comments on the show itself you may email them to me at You can also contact me on Twitter and of course on Facebook. You can also keep up to date on what is going down at the Arkadia Retrocade by making sure to “Like” their Facebook Page. If you need a daily fix you can check out the Official Diary of an Arcade Employee Facebook Page too.

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Before you find out about 1983’s Crystal Castles – why not check out the game in action for yourself?

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