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In 1983, the box office was dominated by the final movie in the Star Wars Trilogy, Return of the Jedi. At home, Dallas was the TV show everyone was talking about and on the radio, The Police’s Every Breath you Take was burning up the charts.


Bedlam for the Vectrex

When I picked up the Bedlam cartridge to insert into my trusty (28 years and still going strong) Vectrex, I had no idea what to expect. I envisioned some sort of game based on the origins of the word “Bedlam” with inmates running loose in an asylum. As is often […]

A Review of Popeye for the Atari 2600

In my youth my father would generally take me to Showbiz Pizza every Saturday afternoon and give me a very generous five dollars worth of tokens to spend in a glorious haze of pixelated fun for an hour or so. When my pocket started to get light on tokens I […]

Spike for the Vectrex

Early films, like early video games, didn’t require speech to be effective. Now, I’m not suggesting that movies aren’t overall better for the addition of speech. But, that doesn’t necessarily translate to the first video games that incorporated speech. Spike, for the Vectrex, falls into this category. Its 1982 box […]