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TV Thursday: The Equalizer (1985-1989)

I’m not sure about the rest of you but I for one felt much safer back in 1985 knowing that Edward Woodward was walking the dark streets of New York City, giving his aid to those in need. Sometimes that aid came in the form of troubleshooting…and then again sometimes […]

Atari Video Checkers

Happy Birthday to me!!! I am so excited, it is 1981 and I have been sitting all through dinner and cake looking at the wrapped cartridge on the table. I can only imagine what awesomeness lurks under the that very compelling pink wrapping paper. Okay, the cake is done. Can […]

The Morning Show with David Letterman (1980)

This was David Letterman’s first talk show as host; and, as a Letterman fan, I fell in love with the former Indianapolis, Indiana local-television meteorologist during the very first year of a new decade – before Bon-Jovi made their first TV appearance on ABC Kids’ American Bandstand, there was The […]

Hunt the Wumpus for the TI-99/4A

If you were like every other kid in my neighborhood growing up, then you were likely playing Atari. But if you were like me, then you were rocking the Texas Instruments instead and being laughed and pointed at by the kids playing Atari. We had a TI-99/4A, and one of […]