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We have been asked by listeners and viewers to provide an option to support the blog and podcast financially. If you like the Retroist and want to help support its continued operation, we’re accepting contributions. Your support helps us to cover rising server and hosting costs.

What will you get for your support? Well you get that warm feeling in knowing that you have helped keep this retro train barreling down the tracks. You will also get podcasts! Not just the ones you see on the front page, but some super secrety supporter podcasts that you will receives direct access to. A couple have already been released and more are on the horizon!

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What Else Can I do?
You’ll notice we usually link to Amazon for making retro purchases when possible. If you’d like to support us outside of buying a posted product you can do so by shopping through any of the following link (and/or bookmarking it).


Perhaps if you have not given it a shot you would like to try Amazon Prime as well? It gives flat rate two day shipping and a pretty nifty video streaming service with some decent retro titles. If you’re interested in supporting the work and trying out Prime, which usually costs $80 a year, you can try out a free 30-day trial through this link below.