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December 15, 1995 - Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer

Last nights episode of the X-files Revelations was awesome. I think one day I would like to be in the FBI. Sure would beat working in a video store. Someday who knows.

At least it is X-mas time and it got me thiking about the old Rankin Bass shows that I would watch every year. I especially enjoy Redolph. I own it on VHS, but my copy is really getting worn out - so I think I may go to Suncoast Video and buy another next week. Employee discount!!

Good times.
September 1, 1995 - I am on the World Wide Web!!!!!

Welcome to my new world wide web site. I am hoping to post all the stuff I enjoy here (and hopefully get better at using emacs). I am a huge fan of the X-files and I collect videos of old television shows. I have about 40 tapes that I would be willing to trade with you. Mostly 80s television, but I have some late 70s stuff as well.

One day I would like to own a sleestak.