Why You Should Love Leonard Simon Nimoy

I would like to take a little more web space to talk about my hero Leonard Nimoy. Every generation has its renaissance man. The people of the 15th century had Leonardo (awfully close to Leonard) Da Vinci, those in the 18th century had Ben Franklin and if you were born […]


Nothing like a little gunpowder action to “interest up“© a boring night. So sit back, relax grab a cold glass of something and if you listen very closely you might be able to hear the distant snap of POP POP Snappers. Let’s Bang drop it! I grew up in New […]

These Sea Monkeys look like the Whos from Whoville

Just add water and you can become the ruler of your own brine shrimp kingdom! Play god with these delightful creatures and be a terrible fearful deity or a benevolent provider. With Sea Monkeys, your choice of morality is half the fun! I received Sea Monkeys as a gift when […]

Been a While Since A Chocodile

I grew up on the east coast, in the great state of New Jersey and beside having a top notch parkway we also have a great selection of snack cakes. We had it all — Tasty Cakes, Little Debbie, Drakes and of course Hostess. All of them were at my […]

Fruity Pebbles Coin Purse and a Classic Ad

Being a very masculine young boy I of course carried around a change purse. I did this for two reasons. I needed a place to hold the copious amount of quarters I needed to master Mr. Do AND his Wild Ride and I enjoyed being beaten up. Usually I got […]

Fiesta Fruity Pebbles Bowl

Just to follow up, I did get my Fiesta Fruity Pebbles Cereal Bowl and it is everything I have always wanted in both a cereal bowl and a life-mate. Plastic, shallow and with a smiling picture of Fred Flintstone playing the maracas on its bottom.

More Fruity Pebbles? Dino Pebbles

Every once and a while a new cereal comes along that deserves to stick around. Sadly most of these cereals are too sweet or not sweet enough for the cereal eating establishment. Many years ago the good people at Post put Marshmallows in Fruity Pebbles and christened them Dino Pebbles. […]

Fiesta Fruity Pebbles ¿Barney, Dónde están mis guijarros?

This week I discover what is actually Nuevo with Fiesta Fruity Pebbles. Will I find lost Incan gold? The Invisible Swordsman? The singing bush? Or a high sugar cereal with sprinkles? Find out on a new action packed edition of The Retroist! I always have a fruity cereal in my […]

Windows 95 Release

Memories of the Windows 95 Release

When Windows 95 came out I was living in NJ. Being a PC user, I went to a Windows 95 Release party that is indelibly tattooed on my brain. I didn’t have the cash at the time to upgrade, but I wanted to see what all the fuss was about. […]


Some background… Back in the 1980s IBM still reigned over the personal computer market and the show MASH ruled the Television airwaves. It was a decent show and had some great writing. It was especially good when it wasn’t preaching. Which was often in the early seasons. When the show […]